Dumb Things

Aaah! I do dumb things sometimes. I’ve been up for hours fussing and stewing. My brain must have been fried last night when I got a phone call from Mr. Anonymous asking if he could breed his female collie to my good dog. I was watching a movie at the time (my celebration) and was distracted. I don’t know this guy, referred to me by someone I barely know and after I thought about what he said it didn’t sit right with me. I should have listened to the bad feeling that niggled me while I was talking to him.

And I wake up realizing that my pup hasn’t had his shots yet and a town dog that I don’t know could be carrying something he could catch. Now this random guy is bringing her out this morning and I didn’t even have the presence of mind to get his phone number or his name so I can’t call and cancel. Of all the dumb things, now how am I going to fix this?

15 responses to “Dumb Things

  1. uh oh… what happened??

  2. I guess you’ll have to just tell them you changed your mind.
    Or get your cowboy to do it for you.
    Hope it all works out. ♥

  3. Im with Shirley on this one – I once wouldnt let my neighbors ride in my arena until they had their horses vetted – it did make them get proactive with care on their horses, which they were really lax on, so in the end everyone benefitted …so you may be helping out with this dog too. Rabies, and a host of other stuff just isnt to be messed with. IMO The shots stink for humans too if they are in contact with an ill animal; its not just about the critters.

    But you are an intelligent woman so we all know you already got it figured out ;)!

  4. Oh man… I hate when stuff like that happens! Hope it works out ok, it more than likely will! 🙂

  5. Barrel Racer Wannabe

    Uh oh. Crazy people. I hadn’t heard from you all day and I missed your blog on my email so thought I better check it out and see if you were ok. 🙂 Well I hope everything works out.

  6. I’d follow the ex-cop’s lead. If this person is serious and on the up and up they will understand and make another date to return. The truth is always the best way to go. Don’t sweat the small stuff!~Ames

  7. Don’t answer the door when he shows up! Hit the floor! ;o)

  8. I have a dog I want to breed and all those questions run through my mind until I decide maybe I’ll just wait.

  9. Oh my! I hear you with being distracted…I hate that when it happens and then I think..what did I just agree too! Hope it all works out and it proably will. Ijust love the pics of your dogs! So cute.


  10. Sounds exactly like something I would do…. Good luck sorting it out!!

  11. Dont you have a dial record? It records the callers number. Or, dont be in!

    On the other hand, ……..he could be for real? Me? I`d sus` him out, then tell him the dog isnt well, and then make another date, so then you get his name number, address and the names of any other ID`s (But thats the ex cop in me!)

  12. Yikes! is there a place you can keep the female where she has no exposure to the rest other than your good dog? I know that is reaching but…
    otherwise ,I have no idea, other than disinfect everything .Hope it works out and you are able able to solve this

  13. Well, you could always ask the guy before he lets his dog out of the vehicle if it has had it’s shots; if not, tell him to bring her back when she has. Your dogs are a big part of your workforce, and it’s your right to protect them.

  14. Pray the dog is UTD on her shots!! I forget stuff like that too, almost took my puppy in to my work the other day, he is UTD, but there was a parvo puppy in the hospital. Luckily I remembered that and figured, naw… I’ll take him in next week.

  15. Uh-oh. Hope it all works out for the best.

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