I was supposed to drive the truck while we did some post pounding and fence fixing but the tire was flat on the pounder and between a neighbor fellow coming to pick up 2 yearling steers we found and getting the flat fixed nothing much got accomplished except for finishing up some of the paper work on the cattle and work here: that and some worrying about winter and how we’re going to make it through another long cold one.

Ranching seems much more appealing in the Fall. If we still worked on the ranch the cows would  still be out grazing but moved closer, calves would soon be weaned and then there would be waterholes to chop and then feeding and checking the calves in the feedlot. Shorter work days more sleep.

I miss that cozy little red tin roofed house down by the creek with the cows just outside my living room window and being able to sit at the kitchen table and watch the heifers come down the hill to water. I always looked forward to calving our girls ( I used to call them), my favorite job on the ranch.

I used to get winters off until we calved those heifers (starting the 15 th of March). I could draw or paint, write a few little stories, read, quilt, cook, walk, organize the house: girl stuff. Here, it’s all just bleak and empty with nothing to look forward to. Sigh . . .

5 responses to “Paperwork

  1. lol, Feral woman makes me laugh!
    You can always come see my cows, although there are no waterholes to chop and less chores all round, but still would welcome the company.

  2. I call my sheep the ladies 🙂

  3. Hey you can still draw and paint and look at horses outside your window. This way you don’t have to freeze your butt off feeding cattle all winter (and buying and hauling the feed)!

  4. Oh my ! that sounds like a sad day.I hope you draw , paint , and do your beautiful artworks ,and that you are warm and fed this winter .Maybe if it gets too much ,and the roads are good you two should slide up here ,sit by the fire with me and tell stories .I can promise cinnamon buns fresh from the oven and good strong coffee.You could teach me to be a french gourmet chef!

  5. you need more puppies. and kittens…


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