The Big Scheme

Another day of looking for some lost cows/calves but after church today and I just drove through the lease on my way home (kind of cheating, not that I can see as much from the truck). It all looks empty to me anyway.

But church was good. I like the people there, salt of the earth, not perfect, just trying to do better, be better types. Our Sunday School teacher, Tammy, is an awesome girl and today we learned about some Isaiah stuff.

I have to admit I like Isaiah even if he is a little hard to understand sometimes. I think that’s because it’s hard to tell if he is talking about his time, the saviour’s time, or our time. They all kind of  meld together in some of what he says.

I liked best the comment someone made about what he learned from his little boys. He said if one had a toy the other one wanted it and screamed and hollered when he couldn’t get it. He said it was hard to explain to a 1 year old that in the big scheme of things that the toy wasn’t all that important. Then he said maybe he was like that sometimes. Thinking something was a big deal and whining to God about it when really in the big scheme it really isn’t all that important.

I think I’m guilty of that too. In the end all the frustration I felt this fall wasn’t all that big a deal. After all, it gave me the opportunity to ride a horse more and how bad is that?



9 responses to “The Big Scheme

  1. Goodwife ~ lol

    and i can imagine God taking his finger (think michelangelos’ sistine chapel “creation”) and flicking it on top of my head, lovingly of course, when Im pitching a fit lol

  2. its the ordinary that makes life special, but i think for most of us we need a wake-up call to learn that…I think of George in “its a wonderful life”, how he even kissed the stair post knob when it came off in his hand lol when he “came back” after wishing he never was born… I am so glad that you have a church family to go “home” to – 🙂

    I tend to be extremely optimistic to the point of annoying people; but there is a life reason for that…and even though its a bitter pill to swallow its those exact lessons I learned from our God that has made all the difference in who i am becoming. Not “why poor me” but thank you for giving me opportunities to understand…

    but then there are moments that i will curl up in a ball under the covers and sniffle a bit…:D

  3. So very wise. I think in hindsight, things usually do seem to be less of problem than they seemed at the time. I also think God understands our moments of drama and He forgives and loves us just the same. I always picture him up there rolling His eyes, patting me on the back, mouthing “Drama Queen” to everybody in Heaven…………LOL!

  4. I’ve been meaning to switch over to the Sunday evening service. It makes me feel good. Sort of like when you pick up in the evening and the kitchen is clean before you go to bed. I think I’ll do that this week. See! You are an inspiration. Have a great week!~Ames

  5. *hugs*
    Hope your week goes well. ♥
    That’s something I have trouble remembering, too, so thanks for the reminder.

  6. I had this conversation with the husband just this weekend. His panties were all in a knot over something that really didn’t matter for nothing. I finally sat him down and said “Husband, life is unknown. Wouldn’t you rather spend it happy then frettin’ over little things that don’t matter in the end.” He agreed. Now, let’s see how long that lasts!

  7. Lovely picture! Glad you made it to church. I love going to church!

  8. So glad you got to Church .I still remember the Bible stories we had as kids , sometimes I think it needs to just be that simple . Sometimes its hard to explain to a 20,30,40,50,… year old about the big picture , in the moment , but give us time we will get it

  9. We all get impatient and want things to go our way; sometimes it’s hard to let God take over the reins.

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