I Cleaned the Bathroom, Oh Yay.

You could eat off the floor, or the walls, even the ceiling, in there now.  Tomorrow the abyss (aka the clothes closet). Such an eventful life. I don’t know how I can even stand all the excitement.



13 responses to “I Cleaned the Bathroom, Oh Yay.

  1. You can come clean mine too 🙂 Then you’d be out of snow, I’d have a clean bathroom, it’s warmer here, you could see my horses, and we’d get to meet 🙂

  2. but really, isnt there an internal checklist inside you that is just giving a huge sigh and exclaiming “there, its completed!”

    so i wouldnt call it cleaning, i would call it a cleaning catharsis’ 🙂

  3. You can come visit me anytime – I’ve got a lot of rooms that could use that treatment! LOL!!!

  4. Girl, you’re out of control!

  5. I’m SO glad you are having a “normal” day! I’ve followed your site for maybe six months and I worry about you many days out on that ranch going head to head with all that cattle. Take care, and enjoy the less strenous days! 🙂

  6. Slow down girl, you got all winter ! 😉

  7. Clean is good , I don’t know ,I will have to drag you up here and keep you busy !

  8. Do you make house calls?? Cause I’ve been too busy to clean my bathroom. 🙂

  9. Hey, there is nothing wrong with getting a bunch of housework done. In my world-that IS exciting. It feels so good to go to bed at night with things all in order. I love giving something a good clean and I’m sure your Cowboy appreciates it too. Make yourself a tasty drink of some sort, a coffee with a new creamer or some kind of yummy hot chocolate and just enjoy the day for what it is, a day inside in the warmth, a day to listen to music (if you’re so inclined), to kind of just do whatever you want! Enjoy it!

  10. Well.. at least you have a clean bathroom. 😉 I need to do that yucky task today.

  11. LOL! You are too funny! I was expecting this really tragic post…….although I suppose spending the day cleaning the bathroom could be viewed as pretty tragic……

  12. You’re making me look bad! 🙂 ~Ames

  13. I`ve got a fridge needs doin`?

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