Sunday Stills-Teacups

I haven’t done Sunday Stills in a while but I couldn’t resist this one. You see, I have teacups: )

pretty ones,

favorite ones,

fancy ones,

robin’ egg blue ones,

expensive ones

and ones that remind me of my grandma.


8 responses to “Sunday Stills-Teacups

  1. those are fascinating! I actually don’t own any of those. My mother doesn’t either but I think my dad’s mom does. She’s done fascinating talks on tea before. Did you know you aren’t supposed to drink coffee out of tea glasses? It taints the taste.

  2. A very nice Sunday Stills. 🙂

  3. Nice!…….My Great Grandmother collected Tea pots?…..There were hundreds of the buggers, every where, we visited, but couldnt sit down! Mind you she was a bit, well? Lets say, “a sandwich short of a pic nic!”

  4. How neat! I love them!

  5. I love the egg blue one, but gosh, the ones that are surely most precious are the ones that remind us of our Granmda’s. Isn’t it a beauty!

  6. Lovely things – nice to have such a beautiful reminder of your grandma!

  7. OOOh all are so pretty! I think I like the Robin’s Egg Blue the best. Just because of the simplicityof the style. Very, very lovely!~Ames

  8. They are all lovely ,the one with the violets is my fav

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