An interesting day yesterday because of all this white stuff. The new truck won’t start ( apparently an unknown block heater problem), the blue work truck won’t start ( we know it needs a lift pump), our daughter’s old red truck (a two wheel drive) is stuck part way down the drive. My cowboy left the car way out on the gravel road so it wouldn’t be blown in but who knew it was going to be -37 F over night and it wouldn’t start. All possibility of escape thrawted.

My cowboy was pretty discouraged especially as he was supposed to go to a orientation for a new winter job. That didn’t happen. He was frantic to get out to go to a special course today that ends with a 3 hour long test. He made it but it meant we had to call in a favour to jump the car to start it then let it run all night out on the road, and he had to walk out there at 5 this morning in the cold and dark.

Living here looks like heaven in the summer but the winters are tough. Plus my internet connection is so slow I can’t get pictures of the mess uploaded. I’m just plain stuck.


3 responses to “Stuck

  1. Ugh – “when it snows it freezes” (“when it rains it pours”)

    Glad the Mr. made it though, but not a good way to do it. Winter has arrived.

    Wishing you a chinook wind soon!

  2. See this is why you need to move down to Missouri, I’m tellin ya 🙂 The coldest we usually get (not always but usually) is no more than -10 degrees F. Wind chill will sometimes get a little colder but not much. Our record low in January was like -15F and that was back in the 80’s.

  3. Yikes!!! hope the warm up they promised gets to you first!

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