Happy Cowboy

My cowboy went to the Auction Market today to see what the prices are like on cows around here. He doesn’t often get the opportunity to go socialize and he came home happy because he visited with some fellows he liked.

I opted to stay home. My brain felt fuzzy all day and I had no ambition at all. Ā I guess I’m not quite up to par after my flu shot. Not sick, just not real perky feeling. It will all be worth it though if it keeps me from getting sick like I did last winter. That was bad, my flu turned into pneumonia and had me down for quite a while.

11 responses to “Happy Cowboy

  1. im hoping that you DONT get sick like you did last year – i would miss your blogging, and you!

    Is kitty a romantic, or what?

  2. I got my first flu shot last year. They came today for shots but I didn’t go. I hope I’m not sorry later! Hope you start feeling better.

  3. Love the kitty picture and yeah I don’t want you to get down terribly sick!!!

  4. Cotton is still one of my favorite cats! I never bother getting the flu or the shot šŸ˜‰

  5. Sorry you are puny. I have two sick kids and don’t feel so hot myself. Blah. Oh my it looks so cold! I wanna visit but I think I will wait till summer Ha Ha.

  6. my flu shot made me feel really yucky this year, like a mild case of the flu. my bones hurt and my whole body ached. but like you said it will be worth it not to have the flu later.

  7. What a cute kitty! šŸ™‚

    Feel better, soon!
    I think I caught something at the brother-in-law’s.
    Course half of them were sick so I shouldn’t be surprised. šŸ˜‰

  8. I’ve been getting a flu shot for several years now – it’s nice not to get the bad flu every winter!

  9. That is such a cute picture! Did your happy cowboy bring you home some carnations?

  10. Aww Cotton is so cute with her flower. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Sounds nice that your hubby , got a day out with friends.Hope you get to feeling bettersoon. I don’t react at all to the flu shots, though last year I got ythe H1N1 (health care workers have to get it ) and my arm was very sore.

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