“Pretty” by Jack Frost

It was so foggy last night and tonight that it looks like we are the only people in the world. I mean the fog has obliterated any lights in the distance (a few oil patch ones we can usually see).

But it makes the world and

the trees so pretty.

Once on the ranch that we worked at before coming here the hoarfrost was so thick it makes the barbwire fence look like a pole fence. I miss that ranch and the little red tin roofed house by the creek and I suppose I’ll miss it here, too,  when we move on.

6 responses to ““Pretty” by Jack Frost

  1. hmmmm Hoar frost… never heard of that one but I do agree that when Jack Frost appears it’s beautiful!

  2. I love frost! it makes everything look pretty! kinda makes winter worthwhile for a short time.

  3. Sometimes I miss the snow. But most times, I’m glad we only get a little.
    Stay warm!

  4. Just beautiful! Looks really cold! I am sitting here looking out my window at green, green and more green. I think snow would be a nice change… for two weeks or so. 🙂 ~Ames

  5. Why does frost always make me hungry for powdered sugar donuts? or powdered sugar cream puffs? Or rock candy? Its a wonder my teeth even survived my childhood…

    Beautiful shots of your trees, your yard – thank you for sharing :)!

  6. Hoar frost maks everything so pretty .I love the photos you get.I got a whole series last year and did a post called Narnia

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