Always Thinking

I’m odd. You know that by know I’m sure. I’ve chosen to live a simpler life. I believe it is true what Leonardo Da Vinci (I, too, can write backwards with my left hand) said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So I hang out with cows on the bald prairie under an immense expanse of sky.

Because of that, it is sometimes hard for people to reconcile that lifestyle with an old lady who likes theoretical physics, multiple languages, and suffers from technophilia. Yes, odd. So here’s what I’m thinking, always thinking.

Something I am facinated with is time. My own personal theory is that it is a dimension of space, not something real, in and of itself. It is the one thing that allows 2 things to inhabit the same space. Think about that: if you add time to the equation the impossible becomes possible, right?

My  most important concern with time is that it is the real currency of life. Oh, you thought money was currency? How do you get money? You spend your time to get it. Every choice costs time, part of that 24 hrs/day we all have.

As I get older I realize that my allotment of time will be running out in the not too distant future and I wonder: How wisely am I spending the currency of life? What is the best use of my time, right now?


5 responses to “Always Thinking

  1. Wow now that’s deep! I know I don’t spend my time wisely 😦

  2. And have you come to any conclusions?
    The wisest of people are often those who have the space, if not the time to think.A simple life with fewer flashing lights and distractions is where some of the worlds most brilliant poets have found thier muse , so why not you?

  3. I’m odd too 😉

  4. Time- how we spend it now determines how we spend eternity. Scary thought.

  5. For me, time is variable. If I’m really here, now, time extends itself in a most delightful way. If I’m distracted or stressed, it feels like it’s crunching up, rather alarmingly. I actually think that the old adage “time flies when you’re having fun” isn’t quite right – being bored and distracted does make time drag but being “in” your life makes it go just right. My two cents. (what languages?)

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