Trying to Help Out

Kit is trying to help someone, and I’m trying to help her help them.

Her post says:

We are trying to get a Doberman from the shelter here to her new home in Chicago.  We are still in need of a number of legs in the transport.  The transport will run from Texas to Oklahoma, than Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.  If you know of anyone out there that could help, that would be awesome!  We have her set from here to Oklahoma City.  Just need to pick up some car rides from there on.

I figured I would post on here since I have readers all over the United States.  If you think you can help, please contact Sandy at the Shelter.  The number is 254-754-1454.

I know what it’s like trying to get your dog home.  I got lucky with Diesel.  The stars aligned and everything fell into place.  Let’s hope Gail, the Dobie, has the same good luck

2 responses to “Trying to Help Out

  1. Hope they find their drivers. Do they have Facebook? They could try posting on there, too.

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