Thinking about Corners

This younger single man I know wanted to refinish his hard wood floor, ambitious kid and real fussy, planned to do all the work himself. He rented a sander, did all the work, stained it, everything. He was really careful and the job looked perfect until he went to varnish it. He took a lot of care not to make any mistakes in his application. Only when he got to the corner did he realize he had made the ultimate error. Yup, there was no door, no window, just the dark corner and him standing in it.

He realized he had 2 choices. He could stay in the corner till the varnish dried or walk across it and get out. He decided to wait and did for a while. Finally, frustrated in not being able to do anything, he changed his mind and walked across the still sticky varnish to the door. He was relieved to get out but when he looked back across his perfect floor, it wasn’t perfect anymore.

It required a lot more time and effort to wait for the varnish to dry, resand, restain,  revarnish.

His story got me to thinking: Life is about choices right? Sometimes we make choices that paint us into a dark corner. We can choose to stay there, appearing to be stuck,  not able to accomplish anything or we can make the difficult decision to get out.  We realize it’s going to take a lot of work to clean up the mess we’re going make by doing that. For some the fear of that is enough to keep them in that corner.

For me, that all relates to me getting to my goal, which is to return Home, and the repentance it is going to take for me to get there. But I hate being stuck in dark corners, paralized by my own fear of ‘fessing up and fixing my mistakes. I want to keep going which means I’ve had to walk across that varnished floor (of my life) more than once but I’m here to tell you, in spite of what ever it took to fix things, it’s always been so worth it.




7 responses to “Thinking about Corners

  1. Wow great words to live by and remember!!!

  2. southernmemoirs

    God always shows us the way. We just have to be still and listen. ~Ames

  3. Admitting mistakes is really hard. Shirley is right. It requires humility, which for me has been hard. But you display it in your posts everytime.

  4. It takes the grace of humility to admit mistakes, a point I’ve learned well over the last few years. Best way to get out of dark corners it to walk towards the Light.

  5. God ,always gives us a way out of the corners we paint oursselves into .Wise to know that it won’t always be the easiest , or the tidiest way , but if you take His hand on your way out, you will find the tracks are far less noticable

  6. Very good point – inertia will kill you (or leave you stuck somewhere until you’re dead) a lot faster than taking some sort of action to fix a bad/wrong/mistaken situation will, even though taking action feels like taking a risk.

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