Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas, not because of the presents (although I really do like presents a lot) but because of the feelings and the kindnesses it brings with it when it comes.  This post is dedicated to my grandchildren and all the interested  cats.

Every year the first Christmas decoration I put up reminds me of the important reason there is a Christmas.

It is very old and came in this box when I was a baby which means it’s is getting close to being 60 years old. I had to put duct tape on the box because it was starting to fall apart.

When I opened the box both Cotton and Milo were very interested in what was inside but they don’t know the Christmas story so I told them about it while I put it together. I said:

“This represents the stable in a place far away called Bethlehem. A man named Joseph had to go a long ways to get there with his wife Mary, who was going to have a baby any minute. Because they had no place to stay, they ended up having to stay in a nice barn.

That’s Joseph and the little donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem and you can see some cattle in the barn too.

That night Mary had the baby, Jesus,  in the barn and they made a nice little bed for him out of a manger (that’s like a wood box for cattle to eat out of).

Everyone in all of Heaven (I believe we were there then too) was so excited that the baby Jesus was born that some of the angels told shepherds (that’s what they call cowboys who take care of sheep) out watching their sheep that night. They got to come to see this little baby that would grow up and make such a difference to the whole world.

Some wise men that lived east of there figured it out by themselves and found this special baby because they followed a very bright star they knew would lead them there.

It was the most special night ever. And you can’t see us, just like you can’t see the angels but we were there and we were really happy.”

Cotton fell asleep but Milo was very interested in the Christmas story.

He sat beside our special decoration for a very long time thinking.

14 responses to “Christmas is Coming

  1. I like how you make what seems to be a simple Christmas decoration, you make it come alive and be the special gift that it is, all by the words you write- you have a gift – thank you for sharing your nativity with us out here : )

    Have you ever heard the one about the rancher? Who had a hard living and never went to church with his wife because he thought church was for those who were weak? He told his wife go on to the Christmas eve service because he wasnt going to go…ever. The weather picked up and when he went out to check on the animals that werent sold off, he noticed a small flock of birds outside the barn, huddled on the ground against the nasty wind and sleet…He thought to himself, “poor little critters, i bet I could get them in the warm barn for the night just by shushing them in “. So he went and waved his arms, trying to herd them towards the open door of the barn, but they just scattered…and then regrouped again in the same spot, looking downright miserable. It was getting colder now, big flakes started coming down and the wind started to howl. He thought “maybe if I just leave a trail of seed, they’ll follow it right in to the warm barn”. So he took a handful of seed and made a trail, and soon they started to eat, heading towards the barn. But just then the wind picked up even fiercer, and blew the leftover seed away, and the tiny birds scattered once more. At this point he was getting so frustrated, that they just didnt know within a few steps that theres a warm barn, a place of shelter, refuge and comfort right there within reach – ” oh I just wish i could become one of them so i could just tell the-“….he stopped in mid-thought, and realized that Someone who loves him very much has already done what he so badly wanted to do for these little ones. ..

    There in the snow, in the storm, he got down on his knees and prayed for the first time a prayer asking for forgiveness… and for thanks…

    “Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn, and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds! ” Luke 12:24 (one my life verses :)!)

    ((((hugs CCC!))))

  2. Oh that’s so great! I love it! And lately I’ve been struggling with things… why did it happen this way…. those types questions… you know, baby Jesus being born the way he was and the life he lead, that is God’s way of showing us that not everything is picture perfect, not even for his son…. Wow you just got me thinking…

  3. That’s a wonderful old Nativity, and I love the way you told the story to the kitties. I have a ceramic Nativity set, but it is getting a little the worse for wear. I’m looking for a new one.

  4. So precious. I was able to see the photos…so that’s great. I love it.

  5. What well mannered kitties 🙂 I love that decoration–what a neat keepsake! I’ve basically decided I won’t be putting up any Christmas decorations this year. For one thing, the house is in shambles with being remodeled, but the main deterent is my own kitty, Milton. There’s no way he’s going to not destroy anything he can get his hands on. He’s in that non-stop playful teenager-kitty stage LOL.

  6. Love your nativity! They are my favorite decorations too!

  7. Great post.
    Don’t know if you fixed it or what, but I can see the pictures. 🙂

  8. Wonderful decoration and a well told story. Clearly Milo is the scholar in the group

  9. I love the Christmas story and all bible stories for that matter. Thanks for telling it in a very simple way and making my day off to a good start.

  10. southernmemoirs

    I couldn’t see your pics either, until I signed in with Word Press. This is a very touching post. We had an ornament that was a plastic creche with baby Jesus in it. It was special to all of us girls. My mother passed it on to my daughter. And when she was a baby, I bought a nativiy set. Had it for 35 years and finally passed that onto her. I just love memories. Those curious cats are adorable! Merry Christmas!

  11. That’s the one thing I do at Christmas for decoration….put up my Nativity.

  12. Aww Thanks for sharing. I still have the navity set we had when we were kids. I love it. It too is my favorite “decoration”.


  13. So sweet! I couldn’t see the pictures, (for some unknown, blogger went crazy, maybe, reason). So I’ll have to check back on that later.
    But it sounds wonderful, and your describing the true meaning of Christmas, thats what it’s all about!! 🙂

  14. No photos!!!! Lovely post, the words explain a lot, but unfortunately didnt get the pictures.

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