Another Foggy Day

The grass here is awesome and we don’t often have to feed in the winter but today we threw out some extra feed out for the horses . They all looked pretty happy. Especially the barrel racer’s little herd:



And Yoda


5 responses to “Another Foggy Day

  1. oh man am I learning that lesson the hard way. I have been feeding twice daily the same amount of grass hay like I would in Wisconsin these last two weeks and I now have two butterball wannabees…looks like I must have grass on the ground just like yours 😉 I think I might pull back one of the feedings, as they have been kicking back the receding snow and eating…very good…lol

    i love how you caught them all busy munching away, “not gonna lose this snack no way” !

  2. wow, we have to feed in the winter or our animals have nothing.

  3. Barrel Racer Wannabe

    I see Yoda is even putting weight on his bad leg 🙂

  4. Definitely look happy and healthy. That’s great!
    Easier on you both too, I imagine. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  5. None of them look short on groceries, so good to see! I like my horse to go into winter with a little extra cover

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