Barrel Racers

We haven’t been able to watch the National Finals Rodeo going on down in the States but for those of you that wish they could see the barrel racing at least, is posting the daily results plus a Youtube clip. Thankheavens!

I really admire barrelracers in general, what an ambitious bunch. If you want to see a really good looking, athletic horse then find 3 barrels and someone running around them and that will be the horse you wish you could buy, me anyway. And they always seem to be up on the latest technology, the latest veternary medical info, feed info, any kind of info, anything that will give them that 1/100th of a second advantage.

When I was very young I thought that’s what I wanted to be because that’s just what girls did: they were pretty, flashy dressed, and on good looking, fast horses. I started roping and that was the end of that but one of our girls still has the dream.

(This is my dad’s favorite picture of her.)

We hauled her around when she was a Junior, mostly on an old blue roan horse that she had to share with her dad, later a couple of different horses.

A lot of the girls she used to compete with then are in the pro circuit now. She never quite had the backing to make it there but she’s backing herself now and I learn lots from her. We help out what little we can but when she gets to the NFR, and I have no doubt she will, it will be all the years of her own hard work that gets her there.

So here’s to barrel racers in general and one in specific:

May you all ride fast horses to your dream!


11 responses to “Barrel Racers

  1. Oh those dimples! It must have been hard to discipline her for being mischievous when she’d grin that “wale” of a grin at you!

    Hey,hard work always gets noticed- and by the right people 🙂 Wishing her speed, great footing and upright barrels everytime!

  2. I admire anyone willing to push through on their own despite the odds of doing it without “backing.” That kind of determination is admirable I think.

  3. Barrel Racer Wannabe

    No wonder I like pretty horses. That Susie was a good looking horse!

  4. She looks so cute in those photos and I think she will make it to the NFR one day as well, she sure wants to and that seems to have so much to do with it.

  5. I loved barrel racing. I never was a pro, like these people, but just did it at the breed shows to earn all-round points. It was fun, though, and I think my boy Fabian will end up being a playday horse–we’ll just see if I can manage to stay on him LOL!

  6. Oh, that was so good! I love that girl’s dimples 🙂
    I love the barrel racing too. I wish I had the time/lifestyle to haul and go pro. Ha, and the horse! But I hold out hope someday. Wade and I have said when we hit our 40’s, we’ll go do Senior Pro together. When the kid grows up and gets out of school.
    But I still dream, and I still do little gymkhanas to keep me doing it. I love, love, love it!

  7. I absolutely love the dimples on that first picture. My grandpa always told me that that meant you were kissed by an angle in your sleep.

  8. Your girl is a beauty! I love the photo with the sorrel horse; that horse looks like he could run holes in the wind.

  9. Wonderful. Good luck to her! She will be rightly proud when she makes it on her own. 🙂

  10. I watch the girls hurtle round those barrels on the RFDTV show!

  11. I wanted to be a barrel racer, from as far back as I can remember. I did the playdays, and small rodeos and loved it so much!
    But it’s an expensive sport.. and well, it didn’t quiet work out. But that’s ok. 🙂 I am so blessed!

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