Can’t hardly imagine myself with nothing to say but my mind is somewhere between blank and limbo today. I learned something interesting though, thanks to Janice, you can tell the size of the bears  by the size of their ears. Little ears, big bear. So this is what I drew of the one I saw in my nightmares last night (or  maybe it’s the one I’m turning into). At least I’m not dreaming of lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

(I am kind of having fun drawing bears lately though)

I couldn’t resist. I wanted a mare instead of a nightmare.


7 responses to “Blank

  1. You drew these? They’re great! What great character in your characters 🙂

  2. Oh My Gosh, you actually drew those? I’m so jealous! I can’t draw squat!

  3. haha big bears with little ears, nice drawings, but are you still doing some paintings, what about the one you started last year have you finished yet?

  4. If you are bored, I have a task for you, one that you would do well at, given your talent: Write and illustrate a children’s book this winter. No hiding your talent under a bushel (of excuses) now!

  5. Great pictures!

    Sorry you’re blank. Maybe you need a sun lamp. Cabin fever is a problem for people up North (like Alaska).
    You may not have cows, but you still have your horses, right? That’s something to get you out. Maybe a trip to town once a week just for the lights…

    Have a great day!

  6. lol I cant sleep tonight – AND now when i finally do, Im going to dream of that big bruin of a bear you drew!!!!!

    Ah, be careful my friend, that Paint application can take you into weird journeys lol!

    (love the background snowflakes! If I put them on my blog, i would need for them to go complete horizontal to make it realistic…ack)

  7. Silly woman. I would rather have dreams of bears than the ones I was having the other night. Had a headache so I was dreaming of people getting shot in the head. That’s not nice, now is it!

    I like your pictures! Maybe I can draw something from my blog. It would consist of stick figures.

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