Some how after 5 hours trying to figure out what blogger wanted me to do I must have done the thing they wanted because I found my other blog and immediately backed every thing up to my own system. I must have convinced them I wasn’t the evil “Splogger” (spam blogger) they thought I was. I am so much happier today. So it’s fixed for now at least.

8 responses to “Fixed

  1. Hooray! I don’ t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but if you go to you can publish your blog into a really nice hardcover memory book. I’ve never done this, and I’m thinking it might cost a lil chunk of cash, but I’ve heard of others doing this and it would be a cool way to preserve your writing.

  2. Yeah but you have a zillion posts all a once.


  4. Glad you got it sorted out

  5. Out of curiosity, how did you back it up? Is that something that is an option with Blogger?

    Yay, though. Glad you got it back. 🙂

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