I watched the horses coming up today for water. I could see someone struggling in the back, having a hard time keeping up. It was old GW, the grandkids horse.

In spite of the frigid weather I didn’t hesitate to run out and catch him and put him with a couple of calves we got and are going to feed for the winter. I feel bad for him having to hang around cows instead of his buddies but I love him too much to risk  the unthinkable.

This is GW earlier this year. How priceless is a horse you can set a very little boy on and let him ride all by himself with his grandpa? GW still has work here to do, he can’t go Home yet.



11 responses to “GW

  1. Good thing GW has to you watch over him! 🙂 I’m sure he will appreciate the special treatment. They seem to know when they need a little more. I hope he gets through the winter well.

  2. I love horses like those!!! We finally have one that takes care of my step-daughter 🙂

  3. What kind thing to do for an old horse like GW. I hear cows put off a lot of heat, so it looks like GW will be toasty through the winter. :)~Ames

  4. We have two very, very old horses (30 plus both of them) I just know every winter is their last and they surprise me every spring. I know that wont be for much longer.

  5. GW’s a great old fellow that’s for sure.

  6. hang in there GW!

    I bet once he sees the extra feed, then he may perk up some. Plus with your conversation about how he’s still needed…

  7. A horse like that is worth any extra attention he needs. He;ll be allright with the calves, I have Url in with Beamer, it gives Beamer someone to boss around.

  8. Wonderful horse. Definitely priceless. ♥

  9. Hope he does OK – old horses like that are worth their weight in gold. Still miss my Noble.

  10. Your right! That horse is worth its weight in Gold! Thanks for the kind comments on the last phots I posted! If your ever over, theres a horse and aTrail! Those hills and the people in them will welcome you, a couple of days ridin` should just about cover it!
    You would be most welcome.

  11. I bet the old fellow will enjoy the special treatment once he gets the idea. Nothing too good for a good lod horse like that!

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