Check this out and tell me if you don’t think it’s pretty.

Eurofase Basque Four Light Chandelier in Gold – 12251-018 | Every Chandelier

Those generous CSN people know what they are doing giving gift certificates for us bloggers to give away. Shirley had a giveaway that ended last night and I spent the evening so carefully picking out that little chandelier. I thought I could add a few more dollars and buy it if I win.

Something I always wanted;  It’s so pretty, not in a great big grandiose way, but still very pretty.

7 responses to “Pretty

  1. Oh wow you have beautiful taste!!!

  2. I like it! I would love to have one hanging over my bathtub! ~Ames

  3. that is very pretty!

  4. That is definitely pretty. Good luck! 🙂

  5. It is so pretty! I see there is a girly girl in you with the cowboy hat and pearls too! hope you are able to get it

  6. Its lovely – just enough crystal to make it elegant, not overdone, and the scroll leaf is perfect~ I do hope you get it!

  7. Hi 3C, It’ very pretty ! My husband is a building contractor and I see a lot of lighting and that is really nice !

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