My family in Wales just sent me this picture. I gasped when I saw it. That is my Dad’s favorite little sister that was very young when he immigrated. But it was the scene behind her that took my breath away, that green.

It reminds me of when I was young woman. There was a wool coat in a store, (a Yolanda original) that was that exact colour of green (not a colour ones sees a lot of where I live). It was much too expensive for a struggling student but a friend of mine worked at the store and I asked her to tell me if it went on sale. I went back often for almost a whole year to look at that coat, try it on again, and wish. It did eventually go on sale and when they cut the price in half I promptly bought it, wore it and loved it for years.

Then later, when we worked at a ranch, we lived down by a creek surrounded by hills and because it was an unusually wet year, they were the same colour of green. One day while I was walking with our collies in the rain; looking up at those hills I was overcome by a feeling, like nostalgia.

I think I have always been homesick for a place I have never even been to, hadn’t even seen in pictures, someplace green.

11 responses to “Green

  1. (((CCC))) hugs to you, and may there be green days in your future 🙂

  2. Wow I’d love to visit there!!! My friend here at work married a guy from there. Every time she visits they call her Nicole from America. haha. (yup she and I share the name, I’m not referring to myself… LOL)

  3. P.S. Looking at the picture reminds me of my favorite movie “The Quiet Man”.~Ames

  4. I can relate to this feeling as well. The first time I went to Montana I felt at peace. Like I was supposed to be there. I couldn’t explain it other than I was so happy to be there.~Ames

  5. That pic? Looks just like where I live. Although I`m in the Southwest corner of Scotland, it surely looks the same. Nice folks too!

  6. It’s in your blood. It absolutely makes sense to me to pine for a place I’ve never been. I have the same feelings for the places across the water where family lives. Certain music makes me blood stir and my toes tap, a pride in my voice when I pass along family stories, and a rich imagination to picture the places of my forefather’s makes me want to go where I call home….a place I’ve never been.

  7. ….and my Grandfather wouldn’t have gone back after coming to this country…..this was home.

  8. I think we are genetically wired by our ancestry to have an affinity for certain places, music, culture, etc. My husband felt the same way about Nova Scotia and his Acadian heritage, and when he went there for the first time it felt like coming home.

  9. I know that feeling.
    Have a blessed weekend. ♥

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