Found a few of my favorite songs and thought I might just share them, if your interested. These are more mainstream western than what I usually listen too. I’m kind of partial to Ian Tyson, Ben Crane, and Eli Barsi, even Corb Lund (mostly because the kid’s Dad used to be our Vet years ago, funny how they grow up and be somebody, same with little Marty Becker, the calf roper) all Canadians. There is a genre of music that the ones that don’t hunt for it can’t enjoy. It’s the real cowboy stuff about cattle, good horses, family, the Creator, and the land.
****Sorry, had to take the playlist of songs out ’cause I couldn’t figure out how to shut it off and it was eating away at my gig allowance***
My cowboy did take me away into the wild blue. I often look out on the horizon and don’t see any buildings standing tall, and I am the only one around miles and miles except for him and his simple smile.
And you know, I thought my dad walked on water too.

9 responses to “Music

  1. I like all those songs too! nice choices!

  2. That’s about what my playlist would look like.

  3. Hi there! I havent been around for a few days, missed some of your posts, but will catch up. Have a Happy New Year! And get better!!!

  4. I think I’ll have to look these up when I’m at home… I can’t access them here 😦

  5. Oh, we love Ian Tyson around my family!! He’s just a good singer, and his songs are always wonderful!
    You picked good music! Randy Travis is AWESOME!!
    I like everyone but the Dixie Chicks. They dug a hole when they bad mouthed the previous President Bush. And I know the lead singer, Natalie Maines uncle, Donny Maines, he insures my daddy’s cotton. A good man. He was even upset with her too.
    {But, I will admit, they do have good songs… 😉 }

  6. Thanks for sharing these. 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  7. I am a big fan of Ian Tyson , and I like a bit of Corb Lunds music as well, he has one called “She wont come to me ” about a good horse he is trying to catch “And she won’t come to me
    She won’t come to me
    She won’t come to anyone
    Who’s frightened to be free”
    it is a lovely song that reminds me to trust and get in the moment without the baggage when I am with a horse , or in life in general for that matter.
    And of course I loove Marty Robbins

  8. I grew up listening to Ian Tyson and gosh, Ben Crane illustrated all of my Grandma’s books except one. He’s in interesting guy…


    I knew I better marry my then boyfriend sang to me Randy Travis’ love you forever…and sang that if my hair fell out anyway, he wouldn’t care…cause I spent my teen years as one bald lil prairie girl! Music can convey so much, eh?

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