New Year’s Eve

We’re obviously not much for partying, as here I sit thinking about the last hours and minutes of 2010 and wondering how I can best use up 2011.

So many places to go, things to do, knowledge to uncover, skills to hone; where to start? What to choose? It’s a time for making goals.

“Change will happen. It’s goals that allow us to control the direction of the change.”

The hardest thing is narrowing them down to what is actually possible but not so narrow that it doesn’t call for some real stretching too. Focusing on what I really want and prioritizing to get it; that’s what I need to do.




9 responses to “New Year’s Eve

  1. That picture does say a 1000 words – like~
    “this is who I am”
    “whats going to happen next?”
    “Yes, I do know who i trust”
    “did i turn off the stove before we left?”
    “No, I did eat the final slice of cake, what are you going to do about it?”


  2. Instead of New Year’s resolutions (b/c I never keep them) I’m sticking to achieving my 101 in 1001 list I created in September. Think that’ll work??

  3. I hope 2011 brings you many blessings and adventures- of the good kind! Happy New Year!

  4. Good luck with completing all your goals, when you set them!

    Happy New Year!

    We were in bed by 9PM. 😉

  5. Me too! I’m hoping I’m on the right track for that very thing.

    Happy New Year to you, CCC!

  6. haha, we had planned to go out, but as usual we stayed home too.

  7. Happy New Year to you and the man! It’s going to be the best one ever!

  8. I’m setting goals too! I told the husband I set one for him as well. He didn’t appreciate it. Geez! Hope you’re feelin’ better.

  9. I need to do the same – good reminder.

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