What a good day to be able to stay inside, nice and warm and safe, me and my cowboy, the dogs and cats, and even old GW is safe in the barn

earlier today

Now, it’s getting worse.

I don’t know what the windchill factor is but it’s still plenty cold.

This is how I feel. Wake me when it’s over.

14 responses to “Inside

  1. Oh I love the kitties!

    My grandparents back in the 70’s decided they’d had enough of Michigan winters and moved to Missouri to get away from it.

  2. Wow, ok I’m going to quit whining now you guys win if you want to call it that. it is ugly there. I’m sorry, you should follow your cats lead.

  3. Such a life cats have, hey? I hope you’re staying warm! How have you been doing with whatever you had? Did they ever figure that out?
    Sorry I’ve been so slow at reading. Hope you’re all doing well!

  4. That storm blew in here too (central Sask) I believe it was between -10 and -15 w/o the windchill. With the windchill it was pushing -25 to -30

  5. Aw, your cats look so comfy and warm. What awful cold temps! Brrr!!!!

  6. Those pics make me cold, just looking at them. The kitties do look delightfully snug and comfortable.

  7. Those photos of the cats are so suiting on a day like today (and yesterday.) This is too wild! I’ll be happy when their is a reprieve.

  8. Cute kitty! It’s raining here. Been coming down since 2 this morning. Standing water every where. Suppose to dip below freezing tonight so then everything will be slick. Just a miserable day!

  9. oh my… that is very very cold. I’d be inside and you couldn’t get me out for nuthin. Hope it ends soon!

  10. is it weird that I miss that weather????

  11. Good Lord almighty now that’s butt freezing cold! You shame me. Whining down here about 32 degree weather. You win! It’s colder up there! 🙂 Stay warm. Glad GW is in that barn too!~Ames

  12. You’re a lot colder than us – keep warm and safe.

  13. I hear you!!! stay warm my friend!

  14. It’s doing that here too…..we couldn’t even get to the river this morning.

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