Missing the Work

Please note here, the story doesn’t match the pictures. The story is about how I did it wrong, the pictures are when I was doing it right (mostly after I learned the hard way)

It happens every winter. I spend most days just missing working cattle. Today I was thinking of one of my heroes, Caesar Milan, the dog whisperer. Love that guy. I read a book he wrote and he said that his grandfather (I think it was) told him, “Never go against Mother Nature.”

Let me tell you how that lesson got drilled into me, literally. We were moving cows to the next pasture. We always try to rotate out the same gate so the cows know where they are going. The cows like it that way. Me not so much. I get frustrated sometimes when I ride past a perfectly good, usually much closer, gate to keep the same gate rule.

Well one day, I decided the cows should go through the gate that was right  handy instead of the right gate. I herded the cows up there and hurried off my horse to open the gate but the cows went right by, heading to the right gate. I got back on my horse and got in front of them to turn them back to the gate that was right there.

They weren’t having any part in my change of plans. In my running around my horse stepped in a hole and went down. It hurt; I was sure I had broken my collarbone. Luckily my horse wasn’t hurt. We both took quite a tumble.

I wasn’t so far from the truck that I couldn’t walk back to it and on the  way I watched my cowboy slowly moving the cows to the right gate. Well, they were pretty much moving themselves.

It was two and half hours before it got done and we got me to the hospital in town. Plus I had to spend half that time driving the truck (with a broken wing) over bumpy roads in excruciating pain.

That’s when the real genius of that advice, “Don’t go against Mother Nature,” really sunk into my thick skull.


8 responses to “Missing the Work

  1. ugh – that and sometimes I procrastinate…I can relate…

    Thank you for sharing your “learning” experiences! Im trying!

  2. Ouch! Definitely a hard lesson to take!

  3. funny how animals can teach us . Ouch that shoulder sounds painful !

  4. I hate learning things the hard way. I usually end up hurt too! Well, I hurt myself doing things the easy way too.

    Cattle sure are creatures of habit. Makes it easy on us when we do decide to go with the flow. 😉

  5. Sounds like real good advice! I`ll remember it myself. Mother Nature has a reason for everything, its us that try and know better! Glad your ok!

  6. Wow I missed a few posts of yours and am just catching up. Sounds like a good time with the grandsons. I think that lesson of mother nature is something we all have to test before we learn.

  7. I can just envision those cows looking at you like “you’re nuts and dontcha know where our gate is?”
    I am a Ceaser Milan fan too. His methods have really helped me in my dog training, and also in my horse training, oddly enough.

  8. Oh my. Hard way to learn a lesson. Hopefully I will learn from your experience.
    Have a good day!

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