Daily Archives: January 25, 2011


We all have our heroes: I’m so lucky to be married to mine. But there is a man  who comes close to having the respect I have for this man I ride with everyday.

There is a documentary coming out on him. Check it out here.

Buc Branaman

He wrote a book too, All the Far Away Horses. It’s not on training horses; it’s his story, why he is what he is. It’s the story of someone who took something bad and turned it into something good, my favorite kind. (Warning: it could make you cry). He’s the kind of man who can change your life, for the better. He sure did ours.

Because of his willingness to share, my cowboy and I were able to gain the knowledge we needed to be are able to do the very thing we dreamed of all our lives. I owe this man (that I have never met, by the way) a great deal. Thank you Buck.