Daily Archives: January 26, 2011


A week today and I’ll be with the cows again. My winter boss phoned yesterday to make sure I’m available for the 1st of Feb. Heifers, gotta love em. It’s my favorite part of being a COWgirl. Not all the stories have happy endings but it’s never for my lack of trying. All in all it’s mostly just fun and a good excuse to be outside all day.

Where we used to work, at the ranch, most of the replacement heifers they kept were black. They were born out of the ranches range cows, good mothers (which is a euphamism for a-little-scary). Lots of them were dropped in the snow between March 15 to around the end of May. (Two of the years we were at the ranch there was a huge big blizzard the first week in May).

Many’s the night with the Christmas lights on up at the house (we always kept them on till after calving), I would go out in my pajamas under my snowpants, big coat, etc.  and ride through our girls.

The calving pasture for the heifers went from the barn up the hill; the barn and house were down closer to the creek.

It was all kind of magical feeling. Most nights, up that hill, it felt like there was only a barbwire fence between me and the North Pole.

There’s description of one of those nights here.

So now you know my secret: I’m a died-in-the-wool Romantic. Anyone who’s calved heifers in the middle of the night in the snow will know so.