Good Farriers

Well here I am to let the cat out of the bag. It’s always a worry that the good farrier you found might get so busy, if other folks find out, that they won’t have time to do your own horses so I’ve hesitated to tell anyone what a treasure we have. But, I got his promise that won’t happen; so here goes:

A couple of days ago we took some of the horses over to Ian’s. We both love going there. See, before he got to farriering full time he was a working cowboy, on a couple PFRA (Praire Farm Rehabilitation Assoc.) pastures in Saskatchewan and managed a pasture like we do but further north. So he has bull-in-the-bushes, bucking-horses, working-dog stories galore, along with a pile of pretty good jokes. No wonder we like to go, just so we can visit, swap tales, and have a good chuckle.

He’s the one that helped old GW, the grandkids horse, so much. We were seriously considering putting the old horse down but Ian fixed him. GW isn’t the only horse he’s helped. There’s been lots.


(this was a long time after GW’s initial injury when he sliced a big mess on his foot on the tin of a barn at someone else’s place)

He’s a smart guy,  likes a challenge, has a cowboy heart, with a deep respect and love for horses and dogs. We got to talking of how he feels bad that folks have to bring him horses that other farriers have messed up, how he likes to help when vets have said ‘no hope’.

Well I can’t tell you everything he said but I figured if I helped him a little he could get the word out on some things that might just save folks a lot of grief when, it comes to their horses feet at least. We all want to do what’s best but how do you find out what the best is?

So, I volunteered to help him get a “Web Presence” the only way I know how, by helping him start a blog. It’s brand new today but I would sure like to recommend you  drop over there and hit the the “Follow” button. He’ll be posting lots of good info there in the future.

He really is awesome and I know of folks who regularly drive over 4 hours (one way) to bring their horses to him. He’ll never turn a horse that needs help away either. My cowboy likes him and that enough recommendation for me that he’s a good man.

(He’s a good dog-man too, won the nationals down in the US in 2008)


12 responses to “Good Farriers

  1. There is NOTHING like a good farrier. You are so great to help him with hooking up with the web.

  2. That’s great. 🙂

  3. I’ll second that Fern – a good farrier is worth their weight in gold, and then some! Looking forward to learning more.

  4. I’ll stop on by… hmm, his last name is Zoerb? Wonder if he’s related to my friend’s husband’s family?

  5. He sounds like a good one! When folks trailer to you, it’s a sure sign 🙂

  6. I’m lucky that my dad is a great farrier. Too bad he lives 8 hours away!! I think it’s awesome you helped him with a blog. I know he’ll have a massive amount of people following him with all his knowledge.

  7. You are suppose to remind me when you are going to him remember! In case he has time for San Dee and you guys have room, because I am sure my folks won’t get her feet done much while I am here in Australia, but I would love to come with you guys come July and actually meet Ian! His blog looks awesome to by the way!

  8. Sounds like a man that cares deeply for animals and goes the extra mile to make the animal well again. You are lucky to have him tending to your horses. ~Ames

  9. Thanks for the link! Good farriers are a treasure.

  10. Thanks for the recommendation – I’m on my way over there now.

  11. Sounds like an all round good guy! i`ll pay a visit. I`m having trouble with mine at the moment. Our farrier promises to come, and he usually does, but then he has an excuse! Its only started recently. I dont know what the issues are. But he is always made welcome, Tea and cake, and paid on the barrelhead!
    Dont know what is wrong. In this country to be a Farrier they have to train for 5 years, and be licensed, if you do it yourself, you can got to Jail!!!!

  12. What a great idea, sounds like he is a good hand all the way round.Just had my farrier out to do some young ones , and I tell you guys like that are worth thier weight in gold. The “kids were good, but just that little extra patience and know how pays off big time . I am going to check out the new blog now !

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