Feeding Horses

Well, that’s it, officially too much snow after today. I will be feeding 3 small square bales a day at least for the next 50 days and our hay stack runs out.

The good news is that I got a new ‘toy’, a calf sled that one bale fits so perfectly in, that will make it easier. I have been just rolling the bales to the horse, but I have to tell you that in knee-deep drifts anything it hard.

The wind blew the snow around again but luckily our driveways isn’t blocked and we can get out. It seems like it’s been such a long winter already.

7 responses to “Feeding Horses

  1. I agree, it has been a long winter! make it stop now 🙂

  2. Yikes! Glad you have the sled to help. Hate running low on hay. Worst feelin’ worrying about what’s to come. It was in the mid-70s here today. But the bottom is gonna fall out. Suppose to be in the teens in a few nights.

  3. We’re still not feeding our outside horses and they’re fat as pigs.

  4. Glad you have a sled too. Rolling bales kills my back without the resistance snow would add.

  5. Yay for sleds. A lot of people want winter to be over. Let’s hope the ground hog agrees. 😉
    Hope you all have a good week!

  6. Two of our pens are on free feed rounds (the 2 colts in one, the 2 geldings in another) so feeding just involves dumping Cessa’s senior mix in her feeder and grabbing 2 tiny portions of hay for the pony & donkey so it’s quick. Which is a blessing because today the weather turned cold & nasty again!

  7. Glad you have a sled , rollin sqaure bales through deep snow is not a fun or easy task.Nice that you have only just started to need to feed them

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