It snowed and blowed more since I took this picture. This evening I fed the horses (the sleigh is so nice) but Trouper didn’t come up with the others. It was getting close to dark and I though I could see him, although with his grey fur he’s hard to see in the snow. I called and called but nothing; he didn’t come

He hasn’t looked very perky lately and I couldn’t stand the thought that he was out there by himself, maybe hurt or sick. I thought: if I get a little closer I can see if it’s him, see if he’s alright, or he’ll hear me better and come.

I tried walking out to him. It’s an easy distance in the summer, not so easy in knee-deep snow half crusted when you break through every step. I thought how hard could it be? I’ll follow the horses trail.

I had talked to my cowboy on the phone and he knew that I had headed out to do chores and he was on his way home.

Not good. I got to Trouper who thought I was a boogie man in the low light. He high-tailed it for the yard and the other horses, so no help from him. My cowboy got stuck in the driveway and didn’t know I was out there struggling hard to make it back. To make a long story short, it almost didn’t turn out well for me.

I won’t do that again.


9 responses to “Foolishness

  1. You need to be careful!!!

  2. ugh. not a good spot to be in.

    Im glad youre okay.

  3. It’s tough going out there……….I know 😉

  4. Sounds like you need some snowshoes. T. figures the snow is perfect for them. 🙂 Glad your ok.

  5. Thank God, you and all are OK !!!

  6. Grateful it worked out well. Crazy animal.

  7. Now why risk your life?….I understand why, but have to ask the question. Now thats done! How are you? On a more positive note. I and 3 others have been asked down to Welsh Wales, in September. There is a Trail ride of some 107 miles long, one of the ladies who came to the Cheviots last year, has asked us along. So we`ll see, its called the Seacliffe Trail, and there is another, called the Prince LLewellyn Ride. The latter is only 65 miles, but again we`ll see whats what! Now then! Keep safe!

  8. Very scary – take care. Hope Trouper is OK.

  9. I gather he was fine? I would have done the same thing.If they don’t come to me ,I must go to them. Glad you made it in OK, hope you aren’t suffering for it tomorrow

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