Winter Cowgirl Fashion

As I was getting dressed to do chores this morning something stuck me funny. I thought I might show you Fashion from a Alberta prairie cowgirl’s winter perspective.

As all fashion divas know we choose our attire based on where we will be going, and who we will be seeing there, but the wise girl also considers the weather and it’s effect on her look.

Of course, shoes are the most fun to pick out. An entire outfit can be built around them. I love to dawn these 60 below Fahrenheit Baffin Rig Boots with the customized dog-chewed strings.

But lets discuss the rest of the wardrobe choices. Aah, nothing like those retro snow-mobile insulated pants and coat to make a girl look svelte and charming, an endearing fashion for the last 15 years, at least.

Sweaters worn over sweaters, worn over plaid flannel shirts, worn over the naughtiest of long underwear.

Now to accessories: new mittens show off delicate hands. Then there is the insulated cap with ear flaps worn under a lovely matching ear warmer and don’t forget the stylish camouflage  face shield for those really cold days.

And last but not least the multipurpose accessory in your favorite colour, the calf sled, being used here to haul hay. How clever and the envy of all your horse friends.




16 responses to “Winter Cowgirl Fashion

  1. Hey you look like you’re staying warm! That’s what matters. My hands I think would be what freezes the worst!

  2. Haha!! Love it!! I can see it on the runway now 🙂 I’ll give you this, you certainly look prepared and warm, and I think that’s what REALLY matters!

    I love the sled you use for hay, too. I need to remember that, when we get too much snow to use my little cart!!

  3. you sexy thing you !! substitute the calf sled for a dead deer sled and you got Wisconsin..I wear down bibs – best investment ever…

  4. Love the fashion, made by Oscar de la Warm! I wear that brand too.

    Just look at those faces, as the sled slides by.

  5. It’s definitely fashionable to be warm!!! I want one of those sleds to feed with too!!

  6. This gave me a good laugh, I can so identify! When the wind is blowing I also like to add ski goggles 🙂

  7. Who knew you were such a fashionista???? My boots come with cat-chewed laces, but over all I don’t have to bundle up as much as you do. Colders it’s been this winter is -17C. :0)

  8. Just in time, you’ve been awarded the “stylish” blogger award over on my blog – no obligation to do anything about it unless you want to.

  9. All I care about is being warm. You got that down pat! You should see what I look like. Since we don’t get real cold that often, it’s a hodge podge of stuff I throw on. It’s lovely!

  10. Quincy's Keeper

    Why do I have visions of the little brother on “A Christmas Story”? How hard is it to move in your winter waredrobe?
    My all time favorite winter accessory?? Silk long johns. Seriously. They keep you toasty warm without the waffle pattern on yer butt.

  11. “customized dog chewed strings” and “naughtiest of long underwear”
    Soooo funny!!
    Truth is, I dress pretty much the same lol

  12. I think it looks “hot” 😉

  13. I never had a face shield, other than my parka hood, when we were in Alaska; but you look quite warm!
    Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  14. Well!…..I`ll be ! Whom so ever is behind the mask, has lovely eyebrows!!!

  15. Gosh, this is all so oddly familiar, except my face shield is bright, bright orange…I don’t know…in case there are hunters out and about???

  16. Well my friend,you might not look “hot” but you do look warm and that is way better, no need to be a fashion concious popsicle!

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