Almost Perfect

My goodness I almost forgot what a warm day was like. Even birds were singing (well, this one bird cheeped anyway). This is the only one I’ve seen in months.

GW was waiting for me to feed him. The neighbor boy came and plowed out the driveway and I got the truck started so I could go to work tomorrow. We couldn’t get it started for me to go my first day today so (bummer) I missed the first calf being born. But tomorrow will be better, although today was almost perfect.

11 responses to “Almost Perfect

  1. Well send your warm days to us then 🙂 It was a negative 15 degrees F here this morning and my friend who lives about an hour away over in KS was at -25F 😦

  2. It still looks so awfully cold 😦

  3. Enjoy yourself. Me, I’d rather calve when the grass is green 😉

  4. Babies! Thats right, I forgot!

    Have fun and take some photos of the new little ones for us!

  5. Have a good day tomorrow. Stay safe!

  6. Funny how a slight increase can feel warmer even when the temps are still too cold to survive in. LOL

    I feel for any calves born in this stuff. Although my friend who used to raise cattle said they usually had calves in the snow. Can’t imagine wanting babies when it’s that cold. Guess I wouldn’t make a good cattle rancher. LOL But I sure love the idea of that kind of life. Guess I will just have to live vicariously through those of you who do.

  7. Gotta love Alberta weather- from stupid cold to lovely in one day!

  8. Glad things are looking up – hope you get to those calves tomorrow.

  9. I`ve been following your weather on Sky, what you all get, we tend to get about a week later, although not as intense. But thats cold!

  10. Almost perfect sounds pretty darn good!

  11. Beautiful warm day here today too. Great day for calving to strt , hope the weather holds

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