Good Old Tommorrow

A rude awaking at 4:00 AM (it’s all OK now) was followed by a day-long brain white-out (migraine). At least I’m safe and warm and so glad I didn’t have to do chores today but missing work is no fun.  Thank Heavens there is a tomorrow to look forward to, because today . . . well, I think I could have done without today.

9 responses to “Good Old Tommorrow

  1. Saying prayers for you! Hope your pain is gone soon!~Ames

  2. Awe, I hate to hear that! I hope you get to feeling better! Cute Kitty!

  3. Hey you sound like you been busy, but fun to be back around cows again :))

  4. Yuck! Sorry to hear you felt bad. Headaches are the worst! Here’s to brighter skies tomorrow!

  5. Sorry to hear about your migraine. 😦
    I have another friend who suffers from them occasionally and he is always bedridden when it happens.
    I hope you’re feeling better today!

  6. Glad you are better ,I hate migraines !And I don’t say hate about much. Hope the after effects aren’t too bad.I always feel so weak and pathetic the next day

  7. Quincy's Keeper

    Feel better. Migranes are the worst.

  8. Hope you feel better soon – I’ve never had a migraine and hope I never will!

  9. I can truly empathise with you. My wife suffers greatly from Migraine. They are so dibilitating for her, so you are understood. Get well soon and God Bless

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