A New Family Member

Today we went and picked up, Bartly, our new family member, a gift from a friend of my cowboy. This fellow is so good to us. He’s a good man, a good businessman, a smart guy, always thinking. I can’t help but point you here to check out this fellow and his horses. He’s standing some good ones.

It’ll be a while before we see what this youngster is made of: lots of thoroughbred in his pedigree (dam’s side), his left knee looks like it has some problems that we’re thinking he’ll grow out of, sweet disposition, nice looking, and a good-sized yearling. We can afford a little patience.


14 responses to “A New Family Member

  1. Oh yey! I can’t wait to hear new stories about him!!!

  2. oh a TB mix – IM ENVIOUS!!!! they are such thinkers, he’s going to be a dream to train!

  3. He looks pretty good and cute!

  4. He’s really cute! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to do with him! 🙂 My coming two year old also has a knee issue I’m hoping she’ll outgrow. I didn’t know until I went to pick her up that she had run through a fence and cut it up good. Hopefully it’s only scar tissue and nothing deeper.

  5. Nice; which stallion is his daddy?

  6. Thoroughbreds are the best……just too tall for me 😉

  7. Hope this guy grows into the horse you want. That would be very cool!

  8. Definitely a handsome guy. Good luck with him! 🙂

  9. But isnt that what its all about. I remember when the illness Rickets, was still about in the poorest towns in the uk. Some kids only needed a little patience.

  10. Looks like this guy has some nice stock. Looking forward to reading more about Bartley

  11. Aww, Bartly looks like a good guy!!

  12. Nice looking colt – can’t wait to see how he turns out.

  13. What kind of problems on the knee? He looks gentile. Patience may be the key to the cure!~Ames

  14. Hope he makes a good’n for ya’ll!!

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