Tammy’s Folks

When we moved to the lease here we met a lot of good people. I liked Tammy’s mom right off. She told me her husband, who had passed away,  spent a lot of time helping on the lease and always tried to keep track of the lease rider in case he was ever hurt, because of an incident that happened with one of the riders many years ago.

I quote from an article by George Rempel in the Brooks Bulletin, January 1961 that referred to the incident.

“Since the range rider is usually alone there is always the element of danger, when he must rely entirely on his own initiative. This brings to mind the experience of Don Sampson, who for nine years was employed as range rider by the Grazing Association. He is at present riding for the McKinnon ranch south of Bassano.

“On December 1st, 1955 Sampson sustained a badly fractured leg and narrowly escaped death by freezing when his horse fell with him north of Rosemary. He was chasing horses when his horse stepped into a snow-covered badger hole and rolled over him. Unable to stand or mount his horse after the accident, he was compelled to crawl two miles to his camp on his back with the injured limb carried on his good leg. It took him nine hours, from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. Sunday to crawl the two miles through the snow in subzero temperatures. His hand and the broken leg were frostbitten, the latter somewhat severely.

“The man laid unaided in his camp until Monday afternoon at two o’clock when he was discovered and taken to the Brooks Hospital by Ernest Klassen, rancher of Rosemary and Hanna, who dropped in to inquire about some cattle.”

One thing I do know about cowboys is that they are a tough lot (old cowgirls not so much, at least not this one).

Some one told me that Tammy’s Dad always said he was born a cowboy that ended up having to be an irrigation farmer even though his heart wasn’t in it, his heart was more at “home on the range.” That makes me think I would have really liked him too.

This is Tammy. She likes cows like I do. You all would love her.


5 responses to “Tammy’s Folks

  1. Holy cow, that’s a long way to crawl… especially in the cold. I’m not sure I could do it either. That ole boy was lucky!

  2. but the benefits outweigh the risk… 😉

    Its something when you hear stories of that, and no matter how prepared you think you might be, it still is based on how strong in mind and spirit you are. I always carry a pocket knife, lighter and gum. For some reason I find comfort in that lol > it wouldnt help me in a lot of situations, but i probably would fixate on chewing that piece of gum while I went through the situation and it would probably carry me through. That and God willing of course lol

    Im back home and alone again this week after a long trip to WI for work- anyhow walked to the neighbors for coffee and back, a distance of 3 miles through the back gates but the weather was sooo darn nice the other day…and guess what i all had in my jacket pocket? lol that and plus i called her when I got back home… 😀

  3. Terril knew Don well, he used to live northeast of us and worked for Ernie Klassen for years.

  4. They must be tough! Doubt if modern people, and I include myself! Would be as stoic.

  5. What a horrible experirnce that man went through! Glad he made it and that your friends folks watch out for the Rangemen now!Tammy sounds like a good gal, gotta like a gilr who likes cattle!.You OK? I know you have been busy, but the last couple posts have a ring of,I don’t know ,melacholy? Hope you are feeling OK

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