Well today I feel better, like jumping out of my skin. My mind  is going a million miles an hour after feeling ‘blecky’ for so long. So this will be an odd post for a normally calmer cowgirl.

Nicole does such interesting things on her blog. Check out her “handwriting”.  It’s always interesting and fun to get to know her better. Gotta love that girl.

So here’s my show and tell but first a warning: it might look like I’m a little ‘skitzo’ but really I’m not. (Well . . . maybe today)

I write with both hands, my left not as good but still fairly fast and I have an artistic side that likes flourishes and going outside the lines.

I have fast writing for when I’m in a hurry taking notes, I print lots, use arrows a lot, and I fiddle around occasionally writing backwards left-handed. I some times write like my mother (who wrote a lot like her parents) but mostly I think I write more like my dad with a little of my sister thrown into the mix. I used to write like John Jensen who sat in front of me in school in grade 6 but I’m glad I got over that!

8 responses to “Handwriting

  1. were you taught by Nuns? 😀 You are very pretty cursive! And both hands, wait, a sister wouldnt let you use your left hand – I would know!

    Hope your mindset settles soon – but with those gorgeous little babies you get to work/play with, Im sure youre having a blast!

  2. Oh I love it! You have such pretty handwriting!

    I can sign my mom’s name just like she does… and people mistake my handwriting for hers even though they are different.

    I can write backwards and upside down at the same time… and at one point I could do it better left handed than right.

  3. My handwriting has turned to chicken scratchins. ~Ames

  4. Handwriting says so much about a person! I’m a curvey/changerama writer.

  5. cool, I like to think my handwriting is legible, but it looks like a little kid wrote it.

  6. I only write one way and it’s so bad its hardly readable (sigh), I’d far rather type…….at least THAT can be read.

  7. I have hideous handwriting! Half the time it’s cursive, half the time I print. Sometimes it’s a mixture.

  8. I write a bunch of different ways too, but my normal writing is pretty messy. I’m left handed, but do a lot of things right handed, like roping.

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