Remembering the Sabbath

“Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy”. Exodus 10:8

I guess I’m really writing this for me. I’m the one that needs to remember. The Lord sometimes needs to konk me on the head to get through to me. Let me tell you a true story from my own life to illustrate how thick-skulled I can be.

I wasn’t taught much about God or his commandments or much about prayer when I was kid and when I got married I didn’t know how to live different than what my parents had.

I thought praying was a bit weird, words that maybe went up but hit the ceiling and there they stayed.  I figured Sunday was a good day to catch up on the kind of work that the money-making kind of work kept you from doing, like yard work. My parents always did yard work on Sundays.

But being married to the cowboy that I am, I learned from him to kneel and thank God at night for the day’s blessing and talk over with God how I could do better tomorrow. And in the morning review those things and ask Him for help to do them. (I’ve always needed lots of help).

Well, that seemed good but I couldn’t figure out how throwing in a load of wash on Sundays was a not remembering the Sabbath (The washing machine was working, not me). My cowboy said it wasn’t a good idea. And it wasn’t.

One Sunday I did it, threw in a load, hit the button and headed off to church. When I got home the machine was broke and I had to rinse all the clothes and squeeze out the water by hand. My cowboy gave me that look and I said:”It’s just a coincidence.” But I didn’t do wash on Sundays for a while, a few months.

Then one Sunday the kids were out of clothes and I thought: What the heck? Yup, same thing happened, rinse and squeeze. My cowboy didn’t say: I told you so, but he ‘looked’ it.

Well, it was a year or so before I lapsed the third time. The machine was working wonderfully, no problems. I thought, just this once. Ha, of course, rinse and squeeze. The hammer fell and finally it got through to me.

My cowboy explained it to me this way (more than once). He said he’d learned things just go better if you don’t work and spend the day thinking about how to do better. Everybody, everything, needs a rest, even machinery. He’d tried the same as me but with tractor work and found out the hard way, like I had, that the Lord will bless us for doing the right thing.

It’s one of the hardest things for me to do, lay off work for one day. But in the end it’s in my best interest, not because I have to keep learning the lesson, but because the Lord’s commandments are made for our benefit.


7 responses to “Remembering the Sabbath

  1. My husband has always worked a job that required him to work Sundays. My feeling has always been that God didn’t care if we got the day on the calendar right as long as we got the purpose of the day right. A day of rest and honoring God works wonders for the soul and the body too.

  2. Wow, that’s interesting!!!

  3. Im with you, sister; sometimes it takes a bit to have those lessons sink in.. I praise Him that He loves us enough to wait for us to learn! 🙂

    Mr. Foresterman a while back taught an Adult SS class based on the book “finding rest when the work is never done”; it was a real eye opener…

  4. My husband and I take it to heart that Sunday is a day of rest. We go to church every Sunday, where my husband sings in the choir, then spend the day relaxing , phoning family and friends, spend time with the horses and dogs,and generally enjoy the day. I try to do all my housework and other duties on Saturday so that Sunday there’s not much to do.

  5. I might have thought yard work to be God’s work, but maybe not.
    Thank you for the story. Might be a parable, I guess.

  6. Our bodies do need a rest one day a week and God told us that in His book. It is a good time to think of how good God has been to us in the past week. We are so blessed in this country and sometimes take it for granite, I am thankful for all the people that gave their life that I can enjoy the freedoms I have.
    I do love reading your posts and and thank you for a few moments of relaxation and sometimes smiles while I read it. My blog friends are real blessings to me.

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