Brrr! I’m just plain cold today. The temperature’s not so bad but the wind chill is brutal. It was too nasty to risk the drive to work today on the back roads I have to travel on.

Doing chores, only my eyes were showing under the brim of my hat. Pic and Trouper came when I called and walked themselves out through the gate and in through the far door of the barn, no halters. They are happy to stand there and eat their 2 cans of oats and a manager full of hay.

The other horses I tried to feed out of the wind on the south side of the barn. I have 3 horses stuck in a pen because the snow has drifted so bad I can’t get the gate open. The barn shelters them from the North-east wind but not so much from the North-west.

Next year, I’m gonna make sure things are set up better. Some snow fence would help I think. I will never be so glad to see Spring in my whole life.


10 responses to “Cold

  1. we don’t have the type of winds you do, but I’m with you, I’m so ready for spring weather!!! Stay safe and warm

  2. Uff da – I hope by the time youre reading this a warm front has blown in and you have spring starting!

  3. I can’t imagine! Our Canadian sales rep sent us the wind chill readings where he is (Alberta) and it was -35…way too dang cold! It would be about impossible to prepare for that and all that snow. Take care of yourself there!!

  4. Hope spring gets there for you quickly!
    Stay warm. ♥

  5. I know how you feel, all our gates and corrals get drifted in, it’s such a pain. We had one nice day on Sunday but it’s back to cold, snow and wind now.

  6. I dont think I, or we over here, fully appreciate how cold your winters are, and how long they last. Yoyr photos of the cold are an education!

  7. I hear you on that ! back one day and already wondering where spring is at!

  8. I hear you about spring, I hope it gets here soon as well! I say every fall I want stuff set up better for winter and winter always comes and nothing has changed, maybe this year.

  9. It’s been pretty miserable that’s for sure. We hid out in the house after chores.

  10. Darn, sister, that’s cold – stay warm and safe!

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