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Best Friends

I lost a lot of people for a while, or they lost me maybe. But today I found my old best friend, since we were teenagers running wild. We’re all grown up old ladies now, well me anyway, well maybe not me. I don’t think I ever quite grew up but I sure enough am old and I try to be a lady. (but that’s sometimes hard when I’m having to deal with bulls and such).

What to say about her, I wish you all could meet her; they don’t come any better hearted than this dear friend. We’ll get together and it will be like no time has passed. That’s the way it always is with us.

I found my cousins in Wales, found a bunch of kids I used to teach in Sunday School, found my best friend, what’s next I wonder?

My Tad’s Favorite Flowers

My dad loved daffodils and because of that I always liked them too but I had never seen them growing wild till today when my family in Wales sent me these pictures. They make my heart ache for a homeland I’ve never been to.

See those white dots in the fields out back, they are the sheep. It’s lambing time now. Did you know that the Saviour was actually born in the Spring around this time even though we celebrate his birthday in the darkest part of winter?

Be sure to click on the pictures so you  can see them larger; they will make your heart glad.

So much better than my view. The dog kennels are 5 foot tall in the back there; that gives you an idea of how big the drifts are around our place. No daffodils here just endless miles of white.  I love my family; I so appreciated those photos.


Sunday Stills-Blue

Blue-no skies, no archives, Ha! Piece of cake for someone who loves blue.

My office is full of blue.

(Even the kitty looks blue, but a different kind of blue.)

I had an old set of dressers and put the blue mac tack on the front and changed the handles when the kids were younger but I like them in my new office set up now.

This bulletin board hangs above my drawing desk

I know we don’t need foofurah on our desks but I love this cheerfull little snowman guy. He even dances if you poke him thanks to his spring leg.

My self designed mousepad is mostly blue (with reminders to make choosing good easy)

I even chose the water I drink because I love the blue label.

Lest you think it’s only my office.

And this is kind of over the top but I pick my mouthwash that way too. (and then decant it into this pretty decanter).

Maybe this painting of mine can help to explain the obsession with blue. My favorite memories are from night checking the heifers when we lived on the ranch. It’s the colour of night, all those stars and endless indigo skies.

Horse Sale Today

Goodness, it was good to get out of the house. I’m sick of being snowed in, snowed on, well . . . just snow in general. Soon, I’m sure, I’ll be sick of mud but even that would be a refreshing change. I haven’t seen a winter like this in a long time.

It was a select sale with some nice horses for what I thought were pretty reasonable prices. They showed the horses in the arena first. These guys on the ground are helping pull the ropes of one of the yearlings that was ranch roped.

Then they let the sellers have the microphone to say a few words about their horses. A few words is right; I’m thinking most would make poor Texans. “Just a nice horse,” was all that almost all of them said. Like a barrel racer I admire likes to say: “the proof is in the pudding.”  I guess they showed their horses off the best they could and let that speak for itself.

We got to see some people we haven’t seen for months or years.

One young fellow named Chad (his parents have got to be so proud of him), cowboy (well, and part indian) to the bone. He’s a big man now, like his dad. He has twin boys of his own that are 4 now. He manages a big pasture down close to the US border. I think his mom told me once that it was like an 60 or 80 mile drive around to their south camp.

Watching him move around is like watching a ghost walk; all his movements are so smooth and calm. I remember noticing that about him when he was much younger, before he married his pretty wife.

One time when I was watching him, his horse bucked, he rode it out so quiet sitting there like he was in a rocking chair, then lightly stepped off, pulled the saddle and reset it. Just as simply he calmly climbed back on. No fuss, no muss. The horse was fine all the rest of the time. He has quite a presence for such a young man. I’ve always liked the kid.

And look what we bought for the new beautiful baby girl. Even if she is Australia we can’t have her growing up without the smell of leather.

How cute is she?

Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby? Our girl did good.

Sunday Stills: P

So anything that starts with the letter “P” this week, including people, places and things is the challenge for Sunday Stills and  here is puppies, pajamas, and pink (toenails).

Obviously an archived photo but Spring’s a comin’ and I won’t have to worry about my poor old camera like I do when it is 20 below (or colder).

Horse for Sale

Our barrel racer has decided to sell her 4-year old. Since Yoda got hurt and is no longer able to compete she is having a hard time waiting for Aussie to get to the point where she can go down the road with him. So, she’s decided to sell him and buy something a little further along in training.  He’s a nice young horse, lots of speed in his breeding. We’ve never opened him up here in the patures but I bet he can run. Check the side bar under PAGES  “Horse For Sale “for all the info on him.