Sunday Stills: P

So anything that starts with the letter “P” this week, including people, places and things is the challenge for Sunday Stills and  here is puppies, pajamas, and pink (toenails).

Obviously an archived photo but Spring’s a comin’ and I won’t have to worry about my poor old camera like I do when it is 20 below (or colder).


18 responses to “Sunday Stills: P

  1. I love puppies! Super cute!!!

  2. Cute shot! Guessing the puppies are much bigger now…

  3. That’s a lot of P 🙂
    Cute pups!

  4. Perfect! And I am green with envy. I miss puppies.

  5. Three P’s in one shot…good for you!! That’s a really cute shot too~

  6. I think you have the “P” covered!

  7. Cute puppies! Oh and you forgot, planks 🙂

  8. Sweet puppies! Spring is coming soon I hope

  9. They look like beautiful little Border Collie that color..great bunch of P’s all in one photo:)

  10. I was sort of hoping to do puddles for the p word but so far there isn’t a one 😦

  11. Nice ‘P’ shot. 🙂

  12. Very nice conbo shot..:-)

  13. Puppies! Just want to cuddle them! My two dogs are in heat right now, but I won’t be breeding them as I have no orders for pups.

  14. Yay for puppies! Hope spring finds you soon! 🙂

  15. Good shot, like the toe nails!

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