Horse Sale Today

Goodness, it was good to get out of the house. I’m sick of being snowed in, snowed on, well . . . just snow in general. Soon, I’m sure, I’ll be sick of mud but even that would be a refreshing change. I haven’t seen a winter like this in a long time.

It was a select sale with some nice horses for what I thought were pretty reasonable prices. They showed the horses in the arena first. These guys on the ground are helping pull the ropes of one of the yearlings that was ranch roped.

Then they let the sellers have the microphone to say a few words about their horses. A few words is right; I’m thinking most would make poor Texans. “Just a nice horse,” was all that almost all of them said. Like a barrel racer I admire likes to say: “the proof is in the pudding.”  I guess they showed their horses off the best they could and let that speak for itself.

We got to see some people we haven’t seen for months or years.

One young fellow named Chad (his parents have got to be so proud of him), cowboy (well, and part indian) to the bone. He’s a big man now, like his dad. He has twin boys of his own that are 4 now. He manages a big pasture down close to the US border. I think his mom told me once that it was like an 60 or 80 mile drive around to their south camp.

Watching him move around is like watching a ghost walk; all his movements are so smooth and calm. I remember noticing that about him when he was much younger, before he married his pretty wife.

One time when I was watching him, his horse bucked, he rode it out so quiet sitting there like he was in a rocking chair, then lightly stepped off, pulled the saddle and reset it. Just as simply he calmly climbed back on. No fuss, no muss. The horse was fine all the rest of the time. He has quite a presence for such a young man. I’ve always liked the kid.

And look what we bought for the new beautiful baby girl. Even if she is Australia we can’t have her growing up without the smell of leather.


9 responses to “Horse Sale Today

  1. Jazlyn Oliver

    Thanks so much for Mallies little shoes! She loves them and her mommy love to hold them to her nose to get a good whiff of the good ole leather! Makes me miss my saddle and all of that good stuff!

  2. Hmm I wish I had remembered, but we went shopping and got all kinds of fun things.

  3. I so admire people like Chad, who can be so calm and cool under pressure. Love the booties–so cute! Smell of leather is right. It’s intoxicating. My dad has had me hooked on leather jackets since middle school 🙂

  4. sorry to hear about the snow! We have the Daffs now, the lambs are every where, and the rain is due!
    The horses are shedding like mad, the dogs are barking earlier and earlier each day. We have gone into British Summer Time!

    I still havent rode the horse for a while, got too many lambs to see to! Love the Tiny baby shoes!

  5. Glad to hear you were able to get out! The slippers are really cute. 🙂
    Hope you are all doing well! ♥

  6. That’s one of the things I miss about Alberta- going to the horse sales. Those are cute little moccasins.

  7. Staedy calm, not clam!oops

  8. Glad you got out for some social time. My day was spent at hope , I drive so much in my work , It is nice to have a day where I don’t “turn a wheel” Chad sounds like a special fellow,hope he passes his steady clam to his boys.Never to many good horsemen in the world

  9. We went too…..I didn’t see you but there were so many people…..everyone had cabin fever I guess. I had a good visit with Chad too.

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