Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

No Stopping Spring Now

What a lovely Sunday, I talked on the phone to my cousin and her husband that live in Wales today. I’ve seen a robin, the geese are honking overhead, and I heard a bird singing outside my bedroom window this morning.

I can see something besides snow even though it snowed yesterday. The sun has too much power and things are going to melt even though Narnia’s ice queen has been trying to take over.

The drifts will take time to melt. This is in front of the gate that goes West into what we call the Middle field, about 4000 acre field or pasture.

My cowboy is 6 foot tall so you can see how tall the drifts are, and that’s after they have been melting some.

I always think of us as having no cows but we actually bought a couple this year plus a couple of late last years calves we fed through this horrible winter. And if you look really close at the cow way off in the distance, you will see someone who had a birthday today. He or she is only minutes old. Born on the snow and already up getting a belly full of warm milk. I love birthdays!