Small Things

Isn’t it funny how small things can make a person so happy?

Just one lone Meadow Lark singing it’s little heart out, outside my office window totally made my day.

8 responses to “Small Things

  1. That’s because spring is headed your way!! 🙂

  2. It does doesn’t it. We sit on the porch and watch the Cardinals and Yellow finches eat from our bird feeder every morning, while having our coffee. Such lovely time of day.~Ames

  3. How cool I sure hope that means spring is coming, although it sure seems snowy everywhere.

  4. So many wonderful small things this time of year, some thng to smile about every day.

  5. Like the sound of robins singing, and the adoring look of your Border Collie first thing in the morning.

  6. Its all it takes. Nature, heralding in the Spring….Here we are ell on the way now. My mare has even come into Season!! The longer days, are having there effect!

  7. I love the meadowlarks too; they’re rare around here, but we have them in our pastures. We also have bobolinks, which are also wonderful.

  8. What a sure sign of spring. 🙂

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