And So It Begins

So life is begining again after a long winter. My cowboy is out fixing fence, part of the 96 miles of fence and cross fence. It’s more a mess this year with all the snow breaking bottom wires and elk breaking the top wires.

I laughed when I saw this; cows are such itchy things and this obviously is a favorite place to scratch their itchiness.

There is still snow piles in the buffalo berry bushes and on the north side of little hollows all over. The land is bare of cattle: it always seems so lonely without the cows.

The neighbors inukshuk or whatever it was lost his head over the winter.

There’s still a bunch of snow in the yard. I shudder to think how much dog poop I’ll have to be cleaning up after it all melts.



12 responses to “And So It Begins

  1. haha… thinking about the dogpoop you’ll have to clean up. Maybe it’ll wash away with the snow or if it gets soggy there, maybe it’ll melt into the mud 🙂

  2. You gave me a chuckle. Wouldn’t it be nice if the dog poop melted away with the snow? LOL! It may be all ugly and mushy now, but I can imagine how the sun will warm everything up and it will turn pretty soon enough!~Ames

  3. Ah yes, the post winter yard cigar cleanup! It was ongoing here for a while, but I’ve got most of them.

  4. Oh Spring…how we are missing you with this wintery trick.

    Gosh, 96 miles of fence seems crazy doesn’t it?

    Hope you are feeling well this Spring…

    Random question-but are you going to the Mane Event in Red Deer this year?

  5. Glad to see the land is finally showing itself. After all that time covered, who knows what’s underneath except, of course, that area for the dogs. We all know what’s there. I have one of those to clean too. yuck

  6. Glad to see bare ground! Y’all have had so much snow. Don’t know how ya do it.

  7. Sure is lots of wires broken everywhere you look isnt there. Haha that huge stone monster looks better knowcked down anyways. Soon cows will come, soon 🙂

  8. At least spring has arrived! 🙂

  9. We have 5 dogs and the snow has melted here, it’s not a pretty sight, I know how you feel!

  10. I liked your inukshuk comment. Made me laugh. LOL

  11. Looks like spring has finally arrived. We still have lots of snow , but I was able to turnthe geldings out to the back feild! HAppy boys I tell ya!

  12. By my clock your up a little late. Glad all is well, even if it’s a little poopy.

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