I was in the western store the other day and saw this painted on an old cow bone. I’m proud to say the artist is a friend of mine. I personally have a preference for long horn cattle, like we used have, but Herefords are my second pick. Around here the folks that raise them seem to be the ones that have been in the cattle business the longest, salt of the earth types (I’m not sure what us long horn preferers are . .  a little wild maybe)

8 responses to “Wild?

  1. Very creative! Really like it.

  2. Oh my goodness how cool is that painting!!! I like Long Horns too! but wow, that painting is wild!

  3. what a great idea, the artwork is lovely . I was a hereford person for a lot of years,but tend motre towards the angus breed now . Still love to see those little red white faced babies though

  4. I love that piece…unique idea for something that would just crumble to dust. I shared the link with an artist friend of mine.

  5. Ohh, I love it. Just absolutely love it. Does this person have a website or anything that they sell from? My husband would love it too…

    I think that’s about the nicest thing — reading what you wrote about Hereford folks. When I see a pasture full of them…I feel ‘home’…I don’t really know how to explain.

  6. Never thought of painting cowbones; it looks pretty good.

  7. Thats really beautiful!
    Hope you are very well firend!! 🙂 ❤

  8. Excellent work. Very nice picture. 🙂

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