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I Got the Propane Blues

Boy I sure hope the propane truck gets here soon. I keep running around with the heat off it’s so low I could soon be without hot water. Bleck, cold baths aren’t my idea of a fun time. ( could make a body blue that could)

I remember when I was a kid bathing in a galvanized washed tub in front of an old wood stove (that had been converted to gas) with the oven door open for. warmth. It wasn’t that bad. I think I’ll just do that if those blinking propane guys don’t come again today.

There’s always a way!


Sometimes I think going to church must be awful important because, I don’t know if it’s like this for you, but sometimes it seems like all Hell conspires to keep me from getting there. Today was a day like that. I won’t go into the gory details.

But one of the fellows there said something that made me think why it was important to get to church. He said God knew that life was going make it hard for us to focus on Him and doing right all the time so he gave us our Sunday meeting to help us refocus on what really are the most important things.

I was glad I got there, to church, because it did just that. I feel like I just got a breath of fresh air and I can better face the coming week.


Another Dollar

My dad always used to say: “Another day, another dollar.” It was one spent with my favorite cowboy and Grumpy (Trooper) the horse, a good day, only one sick calf to treat. The mud made it hard to get down to South Camp where we had to check the Red Angus Herds but that’s as bad as it got. Enough wind and bug spray and even the hord seemed bearable.

I have some issues to sort out with my camera so no pictures today again. Sorry. But hope you all have a really good Sabbath tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a day off.

Rainy Days and Fridays.

Another pup has found a nice home. Lots of calls and emails. I shouldn’t be so fussy. Just want the pups to be happy. Collies aren’t the kind of dog for a lot of people, very high energy, especially ours.

It sure has been a rainy few days here. I’m sick of skirt work, but pretty soon I’ll be sick of heat and bugs. It’s all good. TGIF.

Too Funny

Check out the Pups for Sale page.

And just an update on Blue. He’s doing well. The swelling is gone and he’s putting some weight on this sore leg. His eye looks pretty good. While he has been recuperating he ate a lot and looks kinda fat like his owner.

Thank you Ames for sending this video. I watched it over and over and laughed every time. This is just too funny, you guys gotta watch it.

EHV Alert

Just a heads up on the highly contagious Equine Herpes Virus (click on the media release to make it large enough to read) that has shown up in Alberta and Saskatchewan. It  is very serious for any horses that are being hauled to events around other horses because of how easily it spreads.

Please check out this  good link below with lots more important info:

Doing the Best for Those You Love

Gus, Pshaw and Bachgen

We live in an animal world, my cowboy and I. We are surrounded by dogs, horses, cows, and cats.  Our livelihood depends on our sensitivity to these animals (well, maybe not the cats). We provide leadership, comfort, hopefully compassion if not love.

We make mistakes, like the one last year where the charolais bull just about took us both out, or when Blue got overheated last spring. This one is mine alone. I knew there was going to be a problem and I turned a blind eye, not wanting to make the decision to find a retirement home for Blue.

Collies when they get old seem to get a little . . . well, maybe senile, for lack of a better word. Whatever the reason, they don’t seem to think as clearly as they once did, making mistakes themselves when working and not wanting to admit they are getting old (just like me) and trying to still work as hard but not being able to keep up. It’s our experience that at about 9 years old, our dogs start showing these signs. Our’s is hard work and the dogs need to be fit and sharp. (I guess I have a few years left since that is 63 in dog years.) Blue is 10. It’s too hard for him and I think it hurts him to be left behind.

He’s been working for me since he was just a pup. The first time I realized how brilliant he was, he was only 5 months old. I think everything good I know about moving cattle I learned from watching him.

It’s tough but there are folks out there that love old collies, after all that energy has subsided some. Once Blue heels up we’ll see if we can find someone to love him as much as I do in spite of it tearing out my heart to part with him. It will be the best for him and I’ll do what’s best for him.

How do I choose?

How is it that things can go so horribly wrong so fast? Is it so fast or do we just disregard the warnings?

My two dogs, Bachgen, sweet kind loving Bachgen, and my good dog Blue, who worked his heart out for me, yesterday got in a fight this morning. Younger stronger Bachgen got the upper hand and my Blue is a really pitiful sight. One of them will have to have a different home. How do I choose when I love them both?

Dust Bunnies aka Kittens

Today we worked on cleaning up the cows we missed moving yesterday but I felt too busy to take any pictures so I thought I’d just post some pictures of the dust bunnies.

We have 2 momma cats, Josephine and Bucket (sisters that I kept alive, along with myself, winter before last when I was alone here because my cowboy was working out, up north) and a grandma kitty outside to keep the barn and area free of mice and the yard free of gophers. They are all good mousers and much appreciated. Softie, the tom cat, I’m not so sure about him but he’s a nice guy so we keep him around. But. . . it creates kittens that we need to find homes for. One of our daughters is going to take 2 of them and  I think I have farm homes for a couple more, so far.

It seems like in the country it’s hard to get by without a cat or two (or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or . . . ).

One down, 3 to go

That means one herd in and in place, 3 more herds to be counted in and moved into their breeding pastures. Amazingly by around 6 tonight we were done moving the Charolais herd and we even had lunch to boot, at noon, can you believe that. We have to be a little less like coyotes when we have company. Our barrelracer, bless her heart, thought it was an early day and

Crystal was even pleasently surprised. We have put them both through some very tortuous days and half the nights. Good girls, both of them and tons of help.

and my cowboy was in his glory to have another cowboy to visit with. This is the second time Edward has come  and we sure appreciated his help too.

Buddy and my cowboy treated a little black calf (we don’t have too many black ones).

No shortage of mud and alkali here. We gathered out of this field an pushed them through the gate then had lunch and let them settle and mother up

then pushed them the rest of the way and across the pavement. The paving crew helped slow the traffic so that was good.

They were glad for the grass in the new pasture. It’s easy to check and treat them now that they are across the road from the trailer.

I swear Canada only has 2 seasons: Winter and Bugs. I was surprised at how bad the mosquitos were already. But then the swallows showed up 3 days earlier than last year.

OK, now it’s bath, then bed, then do it all again tomorrow. Well not all, hopefully, just a cleanup-the-fields day, checking for any cattle that got missed in this move.