Too Funny

Check out the Pups for Sale page.

And just an update on Blue. He’s doing well. The swelling is gone and he’s putting some weight on this sore leg. His eye looks pretty good. While he has been recuperating he ate a lot and looks kinda fat like his owner.

Thank you Ames for sending this video. I watched it over and over and laughed every time. This is just too funny, you guys gotta watch it.

4 responses to “Too Funny

  1. Glad to hear Blue is on the mend. The video is hysterical! 🙂

  2. Love the video ! too cute . Glad Blue is on the mend

  3. Ole Blue deserves to kick back and get fat. I think he’s earned his retirement.
    I checked out the pups page’ the little white headed one pulled at my heartstrings; I’ve had a deaf border collie a few years ago, he was a very special dog.

  4. Been catching up. Glad to hear Blue is healing well. Thanks for sharing the dust bunnies with us. They’re cute at that age.
    Hope you’re well!

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