Checking in

For Heaven’s sake, I can’t figure out why it is so hard to get to my blog to do a post. I’m busy but not THAT busy!

An update, the propane guys came (in the nick of time) Whew!

We have had cold rainy weather (sorry all you southern folk, wish I could send you some of ours, it’s probably yours anyway and just took a wrong turn when it headed north)  so there have been lots of calves here with pneumonia, way more than usual.

The bulls are out and so far so good, except the Charolais bulls came out thin (not a good thing for a breeding bull  since they lose so much weight working and not eating much like they do for the 60 days they are out) not that there’s not grass here that I swear is bellydeep on a girafe (a slight exageration).

Still having camera issues caused by full memory cards in the camera, an newly purchased external backup for my computer that I had to figure out, and throw into the mix a small video camera to learn how to use, and a shortage of time caused by doing actual work, well, you get the picture (pun intended).


8 responses to “Checking in

  1. I got external storage for my pics. Once I figured out how to use it, it has been great. Hope yours works as well for you.

  2. Its been cool here too but not THAT cool thank goodness! Not very rainy either, in fact I was just thinking that last year if the forecast said rain it rained. This year they predict rain a few days ahead and then as it gets closer they keep moving it a few more days…

  3. Good to hear your still alive and kicking…………do miss your pictures and you can keep the rain for awhile, the sun is finely shining here.

  4. Yes, I would take some of your rain. Looks like the predicted t-storms here have decided to skip us and not give us that bit of precious rain that comes in with them. I tried watering my pasture, but it seemed to do no good. My front lawn is dormant and there will be no grass left in the pasture (paddock, really) if this continues for a couple more days. *sigh*

  5. Sorry to hear the calves have been sickly. Weather is crazy. Hope you all have a good weekend, such as it can be when you have a 24 hour-a-day job!

  6. One of the calves here has pneumonia too, hope the warm weather comes back and stays a while. Things just get dried up then we get 2 days of rain. The grass is about 4 ft high though, they will be haying here as soon as it dries up.

  7. I have beeb wondering how you are , I know this is such a busy timwe for you ! take care

  8. Well, we sure wished that rain would have came our way, too! In time. God’s in control. 🙂

    Sounds like things are rockin’ right along for y’all. 🙂

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