One (Wo)man Doctoring

I know I’m tired when a short horse looks too tall to get on and it seems easier to just walk. That was me today.

It’s been an eventful couple of days. My cowboy got pushing too hard on Hooch and got bucked off royally yesterday. I always hate seeing a riderless horse screaming and running hard towards me.  The old fool got dumped way out of my  line of sight and it took me a while to find him, all hunched over, face down, on his knees and elbows, holding his head in the middle of a big stretch of prairie.

I switched him horses and we rode to the house. I had to put my shoulder under his butt and push to get him up there on tall old Wilbur and I had to pull out my brave card to get on Hooch.

He was fine and I thought he looked sorry for what he had done. Then we drove into town and spent the afternoon in the ER getting my cowboy checked out. It’s all good; he’s just bruised up good and his pride hurt some. He didn’t much like the shot in the bum but he did like the effects of the pain killer in the shot.

Even without his cowboy gear on and in a hospital gown he’s sure nuff still a cowboy. The doctor told him what he wasn’t s’posed to do. He gave me a look like “ya, that ain’t gonna happen” and I knew so too.

But today he let me think I was helping and sent me out on my own on Trouper (till he showed up about 5:00 wanting to ride. I had to give up my horse and help him on and off). I kind of like those times when it’s up to me and being able to do what I have to. I’m getting close to 60 and catching and treating calves alone isn’t an easy job for most 30 year old men, never mind us old gals.

That reminds me. My article, that I sent to Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine just got published, June/July issue. Oh my, but it looks nice, my buttons nearly popped of my shirt when I actually saw it. I got a complimentary copy. It’s a really nice magazine and the editor Terri Mason was so good to work with, a real cowgirl, and kindred spirit I think. They called it a photo essay, lots of pictures with explanation on “One Man Doctoring” like what I was doing today. And can you believe it, she says they are even going to pay me for it.


14 responses to “One (Wo)man Doctoring

  1. That’s wonderful!!! Congratulations!~Ames

  2. Sorry to hear about the bumps and bruises.

    Great article, excellant photos!

  3. That’s awesome about the article. Think we can read it on-line? You know, those of us who don’t live in Canada?

  4. Well that would have been a time for me to panic. Not being able to find your man right off. I am glad he is going to be fine.
    Congrats on the published works! Ya’ll take care of each other!~Ames

  5. Glad to hear your cowboy is okay.
    Congratulations on getting published and paid! 🙂

    You’re a real inspiration. Be careful out there and have a blessed Sunday! 🙂

  6. I was over at jardis yesterday and her Dad had seen your article and mentioned it to mee, so everyone know you, you are getting pretty famous!

  7. Congrats on the article! Sorry about the spill and the one man doctoring. But, strong women just pull up their boot straps and soldier on, doing what needs to be done, right?

  8. Sorry to hear, but glad your cowboy’s okay. Congrats on the published article – that’s awesome!!

  9. It hurts!…..We older ones dont bounce anymore!!!……….I know, last week, while backing a youngster, we were doing good, and then? It went a little pear shaped, he stumbled, I landed on the ground, breathless! Following day was really interesting! Stiff as a wash board, and bruised all over! Good luck to the Cowboy! Take care of yourself!

  10. Hope your cowboy feels better soon – ouch! Congratulations on your article!

  11. Well, thats not good, hope he heals up quick! 🙂
    Glad for the magazine article, sounds like something I’d enjoy reading!

  12. Congrats on the article! That’s so exciting!
    Sorry to hear your cowboy got bucked off. That’s no fun at all. Hope he feels better soon.
    You continue to amaze me, all the things you do. None of it’s easy!

  13. Hope that gave him a reality check! The older you get the more time it takes to heal up, and sometimes its never 100%. Good on you for getting on Hooch.
    I am going to have to go and pick up that magazine- that’s awesome that you got published!

  14. Tell dad he isn’t suppose to get tossed or his nickname will be Crash! Hope he feels better soon, so that he can play with his little granddaughter 🙂

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