Lightning on the Prairie

Got rained on. That I don’t mind so much but I’m a real chicken about lightning when I’m a horseback out in the middle of the prairie so it sent me scuttling back to the trailer on a long trot for a couple of miles. I wanted to wait it out in a small hollow but the boss overruled me. “We’ll just hurry back to the trailer,” he says. I looked at him a bit skeptically and asked, “You can hurry?” He shook his head. (He couldn’t stay off his horse but he sure wasn’t about to hurry anywhere today.)

I didn’t stick around to get struck and high tailed it for safety. If he doesn’t have the common sense to get low or even wear a coat, I’m not sure what I can do about it. Some days my boss annoys me, can you tell?

But I saw my first yellow butterfly and my first dragonfly of the season today. Alas in my tired fog this morning I forgot my camera so again no pictures

9 responses to “Lightning on the Prairie

  1. I live in the lightning capital of the USA! It scares the bejesus out of me too!~Ames

  2. don’t worry, I’m like you!!!

  3. Yikes! I am a big chicken when it comes to lightening. I’d be high tailin it out of there too! Hope you had a peaceful Sunday!

  4. We’re chickens here too when it comes to lightening, especially since it struck in our paddock last summer right where my gelding usually stands. Glad he wasn’t standing in that spot and I’m even more glad he didn’t have shoes on!

  5. Lightning freaks me out too. It’s so dry here, I’m afraid of fires. But of course, we would have to get a storm first! Glad you made it in safe and sound.

  6. I would have forgotten my camera with rain, too. I hope you’re both safe this Sunday.

  7. I live in the lightning capital and have seen lightning strike sideways. I’d always seek shelter!~Ames

  8. Ahh, I’m a big o’ chicken when it comes to lightening too, I’d have been high tailin’ it to the pickup too! I’ve heard horror stories of people a horsesback and lightening, I think I’ll pass… :/

  9. I guess alls well that ends well. Hope you have an early night and a good rest, and a blessed Sunday.

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