Ian Zoerb Video

Ian has a new video out on his website (Click Here to see it) that I took showing him using a caliper and T-square with some of his comments on the importance of them. I really wish all horsemen and women understood how important those 3 tools are.

There is a lot of farriers out there that really don’t even understand that they are doing damage to horses, some do know but are just lazy. There are a few of the really good ones, like Ian, that care a lot about horses and try really hard to do what’s best for the horse instead of what’s easiest for themselves.

If a good farrier who has been feeding his family for 30 years doing this believes in the importance of measuring, how is it that so many of the here-today-gone- tomorrow farriers can convince us they don’t need to?

As someone whose livelihood depends on sound horses I stand behind Ian 100% on this.


3 responses to “Ian Zoerb Video

  1. Good video, I think. Like your voice, too. 🙂

  2. I agree with you 100% I’ve seen way too many bad shoeing jobs.

  3. I haven’t even watched the video and I can already agree. Wade uses his calipers every day, every horse. You just can’t eyeball some things, and it’s just laziness to NOT do it.
    That said now I’ll go watch the video.

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