The Music in Me

Remember that show: Touched by an Angel with Roma Downey (pretty girl)

how she thought because she was an angel she should be able to sing and was always so sad when she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket? We’ll that’s me (except about being an angel or being that pretty). I try and try to sing but it’s just plumb horrible. I just can’t hit a note dead on for love nor money (not one good note).

This is from the granddaughter of the choir leader in our church (for 40) years and with my Dad being Welsh too (shoot-they love singing there). It’s a sad deal.

I didn’t really know how bad I was and feel awful to have put my poor horses through years of torture listening to my caterwalling when I’m riding along. Just lately I tried using a little electronic tuner to maybe help me hit a note.

I thought maybe singing louder, with more force, would help. No, that didn’t work either. So I’ve decided to give it up (wait till I tell my horses, that aught to make them smile).

Yup, I’m giving up singing but there is music in me just busting to get out. Soooo… TA-DA!!!!

It’s a mandolin. Not an expensive one. But it came with 4 books, the case, the stand,

 some clamp things (I have no idea what they are called).

a good CD  to practice with

So far I’ve replace all the strings (I broke one and could only buy a set anyway).

bought 4 pics of various hardnesses,

(note the angels on them to remind me not to try and sing along)

sanded the bridge down because the ‘action’ was too high and adjusted the strings distance apart from each other to accommodate my puny fingers (not for the faint of heart but the bridge is removable on a mandolin, go figure), and watched YouTube How-to’s for days (you can learn anything on YouTube).

Not like I don’t have enough to do but if I can’t sing what other option is there?


8 responses to “The Music in Me

  1. P.S. My reasoning for wanting to play is twofold. For fun and I hear that the hand eye stimulation is good for thwarting Alzheimers.~Ames

  2. Oh I’d love to learn to play the Mandolin, I do so love the sound they make. I used to work with a man that encouraged me to learn to play an instrument. I picked up the autoharp and he the Mandolin. Well, needless to say he plays beautifully and I can only play two songs on the autoharp. I did just purchase a used, but new to me, electronic keyboard and a beginners teaching book. My first song I want to learn is “Just As I Am”.~Ames

  3. You and Gowestferalwoman will have to get together- she’s learning banjo! Sing from the heart, and the Lord will love you- after all, He gave you your voice.

  4. Very neat that you got the mandolin! I took up music as an adult – I’ve never been able to sing so an instrument made more sense – and I’ve gotten an enormous amount of joy out of it.

  5. Hmm… Love of song is not necessarily meaning in tune.
    And as I recall, it is “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord”, not make a joyful harmony. 😉
    Good luck with your mandolin! I had an uncle who had one and I love to hear them. 🙂
    Oh, and Happy Weekend to you all!

  6. Go get `em girl!………….Sing to the world!…….That there Mandolin, looks a cool instrument!
    Ridin` along, singin` an`a playin`?……. Well hot dawg! Before long you`ll be on Youtube!Lol!

    Lovely post, got to admire you.

  7. I’m a horrible singer too… in fact when I sing in the car I turn the radio up loud enough to drown myself out lol. And I too have tortured my poor ponies with my singing.
    I’ve thought of trying to take up an instrument but I just have no sense of rhythm.

    Maybe after some practice you’ll share a video with us?

  8. I heard a saying once that might help to remember “any song sung with love ,is a beautiful noise” Sing it out if you wnat to my sweet friend! Enjoy the Mandolin

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